Blockchain Offers INDEPENDENCE not "DEPENDence" (Podcast)

When looking and listening to all the noise, fud and politics out there. Especially those agendas that are influenced heavily by the banking lobbies along with who knows what all figures within those lobbies, we tend to get a little distracted from the facts.


Let's start looking at things rationally and realistically.

The world is already "regional", we call these regions "CONTINENTS".


Let's throw out the politics and political agendas and start approaching things logically.

Blockchain offers each and every nation an opportunity for the people of that nation to introduce more transparency, a fairer and much more reasonable approach to wealth management and opportunities for distribution. What is most important from what we have learned over the past decade of digital currencies out on the market is that blockchain tech should be utilized in a manner that compliments and assists in the promotion of independence of people. Hence it can be done.

Yet we have also seen that this has not worked mainly because of the economical differences in the continents and nations out there. So our approach, our tactics, our visions need to now adapt to this data accumulated over a decade of experience and to be incorporated into the future of digital currencies as such.

Yes, we are learning as we go along, that is evident.

So lets start thinking globally and realistically and most importantly, LOGICALLY.

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