Being A Straight Shooter. NOT POPULAR, Yet The Only Way To Do Things! (Sharing Thoughts)

Being a straight shooter is what decent people respect.

Unfortunately, we have seen what cowardly, self centered egomaniacs behave like.

We here at Steem do not have to go further than the action of Ned, to get a pretty clear picture of how someone who thinks she or he is worth more than the rest behaves as far as mutual respect is concerned.

Well, he sure did tell all us Steem token holders and all us people who have built up to where it is today:

"Where to go!"

I think that is crystal clear with his snarky, condescending "Steemitans" comment on Twitter.

However, his actions may have earned him some money, yet they sure have shown the world what sort of person he is and I highly doubt anyone who actually earned what they own, will want anything to do with him.

Maybe his money, but as far as he goes, too bad so sad. "SOLD".

A person with a price tag on them is, well, how do I put it.... "untrustworthy"! (to be mild and polite about it).

What the lesson here is, once again, that a straight shooter is what is respected and needed for a successful and high quality status in this world.

Especially in the world of doing business. (Working with people).

Sure, that may not always be the most "popular" way of doing things, way too many people don't like the truth, as the truth 'hurts their feelings'.

Too bad, so sad for them, those types can go on living in their little imaginary bubble.


That is the message to all those types.

There is no difference between let's say Ned and those that keep saying the line:

"If I were to be in charge, I would do it this way...."

The give away is the word "I".

Yes, a one letter word that says so much about that person, when used in that sentence. It shows that the person at question is actually, no different to any other tyrant or totalitarian SOB on this earth.

Anyone can have ideas about how to change things, it is those that want to be the "I" in everything who are ugly.

Let's see what the future brings us here on Steem.

We already know that some people do not understand what Steem all entails, especially when it comes to the original ecosystem.

If they did, they wouldn't be saying all the things that they are saying.

We have seen in the past few days so much talk about the token called Steem, it actually makes me sad to read so much about it.

I do remember when I first got here, how my lack of understanding was the cause of me talking about "the token" and nothing else.

Yet, now in 2020, after literally studying up on everything, it makes me sad to see so much talk about a token on the market and so little talk about what is actually important as far as the blockchain and crypto scenes go.

Every business needs all areas covered, especially if it revolves around 'Social Networking'.

The key words are 'Social' as far as the customer base goes and 'Networking' as far as how the business should function.

One without the other is not = 'Social Networking'.

Simple as that.

It is very clear.

Then add to that the tech portion and we enter into an entire new field of discussion and area that needs to be covered.

Then add to that the monetization portions of the business.

& likewise the ownership of it all.

When doing all that, the "Terms and Conditions" of the business, which have to cover 'Governance' can make or break a business.

Ned, in his own way, for his own reasons, clearly couldn't/didn't care less about any of the above, except for the personal wealth and personal gain portion. He proved this when by his actions he tried to break everything by not adhering to the originally planned ecosystem of Steem.

He abused the trust and responsibility that was placed in/GIVEN to him.

& he profited on it.

Simple enough breakdown of reality. Direct to the point, without any of the BS and sales pitches.

Will we see more behavior like that in the future from those who have an opportunity to capitalize on EVERYTHING that Steem is?


Time will tell, hopefully it won't be a repeat performance of what Ned did.

If it is, then we all need to learn from the lessons our experiences with Ned gave us all in this line of business.

Yours truly,

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lol, you are mad.

The video of that screenshot is actually pretty inspiring of what Steem was suppose to be. Ned had visions, he just gave up. Normal phenomenon among us humans.

18.02.2020 12:14

"Gave up" at the right price.

The "ninja mined stake" was supposed to be used by Steemit inc. to cover the development side of things.

Not for an individual to get rich off.

Hence, yes, "Normal phenomenon among us humans."


& it usually, as in this case couldn't care less as to what all and who all it destroys in its path!

18.02.2020 12:19

It is a start up he created, he had all rights/shares to sell. Simple. I don’t think it was greed. If it was he would have sold at the peak for many times more. He didn’t like all the criticism social media brought. Not everybody is built to handle that.

18.02.2020 12:24

You missed the point:

Decentralizing Stake
The Steemit, Inc.-controlled primary account, @steemit, which holds approximately 41% of
the platform’s Steem Power, will be gradually divested of its holdings in an effort to increase
promotion and development of the platform, and this distribution shall further the platform’s
security through decentralization of voting power.
Several methods will be employed, including and not limited to: funding the continued
research and development of, the Steem Blockchain’s first and best application,
promoting and publicizing the Steem Blockchain and features, hosting highly available
services for platform users, sponsoring conferences and community gatherings, and
sponsoring undertakings to build applications and increase user adoption across the entire
This will likely be a multi-year process, but is included in this 2017 Roadmap for the sake of
clarity and understanding surrounding our organization’s plans and goals.
We have several very large initiatives currently in research serving this goal, and the
community should expect further announcements later in the year regarding our firm plans as
it yields fruit.
Ultimately, the goal is to harmoniously align the interests of all participants across the entire
spectrum of people using and trading in STEEM.

Although I am sure many out there are not fully aware of what and how the ninja mined tokens were supposed to be utilized.

Those tokens were not "mined" along side other miners who came on the scene afterwards. (While mining was still an option - in the code).

The "ninja mined" tokens are the ones that were not distributed on an equal playing field and definitely kept by only a selected few, while the other people out there literally got the sh#tty end of that stick!

PS. it was not for a person to make him/her self rich!

18.02.2020 12:38

I share your frustration. It could have been initial marketing stunt or sincere intention. But that idea has been abandoned long time ago. Ned himself said they don’t own anything to anybody.

Anyway that ninja mined tokens are no longer ninja mined. We shall see what future will present. History is in past, and we can do absolutely nothing about it.

18.02.2020 12:52

They were ninja mined, that will not change.

Their purpose is/was as defined in the snapshot.

& no matter what legalities Ned may be clinching to as far as US laws go, he literally abused his position of power for personal wealth.

Clearly the case based on facts, not "emotions" or "opinions".

This is not "frustration", these are cold hearted facts, backed in writing (ref: snapshot).

Put feelings aside, look at the facts.

18.02.2020 12:57

Clearly, facts are he had full rights to sell. If you believe otherwise and can prove, you probably could sue and get something big for the entire community. :)

18.02.2020 13:01

Prostitution may be legal in some states.

Still doesn't make it any different or better.

18.02.2020 13:22

P.S. In other words - So what? :) There is nothing anybody can do about it!

18.02.2020 13:04

Let me put it another way:

The joys of Twitter, where one has to say it all in so many words!

Many do not know how these tokens were acquired, nor what their purpose at the end of the day is.

I don't see where it says "Make the individual managing them rich by selling them off as his/her own."

Please read it and tell me where you see this!

18.02.2020 12:52

I doubt it is a legally binding document. So holders of assets had full rights to do as they please. We all bought into this idea. If there is any blame to go it would be ourselves.

18.02.2020 12:57

His actions were not in accordance with the purpose as defined.

As for the US laws that gave him the right to sell them, I am not questioning that.

However, as for his role and responsibilities as the person managing them for the purposes as defined, for which they were acquired for, well, that is a totally different ball game.


He lost it, and for what?

A price in $$$$.

I know of a very old trait that goes with that type of action and it isn't "hooker", a hooker only leases her body.

A TRAITor sells him/her self out!

He clearly betrayed the contract he had as far as his moral duty and responsibilities are concerned.

How the laws in The USA allow for something like that, idk.

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg knows how it feels:

18.02.2020 13:05

G’Day! If I could vote you twice for witness, I would. Feeling that pressure again to fire up a node myself...even so, still at the mercy of the top 20.

From what I’ve heard so far, everyone is for preserving this chain...but then again, many have their price (as we’ve seen). 😡

If the fear is that we will lose exchange access if we “rebel” against our new overlord, then it’s on us to build the exchanges and systems we want!


18.02.2020 12:17

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18.02.2020 12:18

No need for any "rebellion".

All we need, including/especially Justin Sun, is to be up front and open about everything.

I mean, if he can't see what people here thought of Ned before and especially now, then all the money in this world won't make any difference.

Seriously, who has what to lose?

Let's think about it:

A person who has $20 million (guestimate) of Steem tokens


Those people who have the knowledge and experience in the social networking + blockchain tech field?

I dare say his acquisition of those 70+ million Steem tokens and purchase of Steemit Inc. are worthless without the community.

Getting a bunch of individuals who only talk about the tokens is not what represents the real value of Steem.

In fact, those people are already everywhere.

If he wanted them, he could have simply done a free airdrop of some subtoken (shitcoin) and put up a UI that is available for $20 on the open market.

I highly doubt that is what $20 million USD was spent on.

or was it?


We'll see.

18.02.2020 12:26

He basically bought a stake that he could use to control a blockchain with a market cap of $87+ million for a fraction of that amount. We have long had this Achilles Heel but now it's basically in the hands of a rival blockchain.

He only has to bump the market cap of TRON by 2% and his gambit will have paid for itself easily.

19.02.2020 00:30

So far STEEM has dumped from 8 bucks down to 8 cents, so it is not running on a great track record! It's embarresing to say the least! I got my name stuck on this thing, so hope it can turn back into a real coin again one day!!

18.02.2020 21:08