A Snookmademedoit Challenge - WHY ON STEEM?

What the strawberry jam in a doughnut am I talking about?

A Snookmademedoit Challenge

Basically as worded by @snook:

Have you ever read a Steemians post and wonder how in the world they ended up on the Steem Blockchain? What brought them here? Why are they still here? Did they have an easy time when they walked in the great front door of the future?

So here it is:

A video from me:

Why On Steem? a @Snook Challenge

& just the other day I did a short little podcast in which I mentioned Steem and how it will always in many ways have that special little spot for me.

Hopefully your favourite podcast station is listed below:

Titled: "Friday 13th - Lets Think POSITIVELY - Alternatives!"


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& for those among us, who happen to have actually read to this point and not watched the video or listened to the podcast, here is the short written version:

Steem has literally opened up a world of ideas and with ideas come potential opportunities.

For some it shall mean the opportunity to make some sort of wealth.

For others it shall mean that dreams and/or visions can come true.

Whatever the case may be, Steem has definitely broadened the horizons on how things can be done and how to go about things.

How to make things happen.

How to make possibilities become reality.

Whatever one may or may not think about Steem, we have seen well over a million accounts open up on Steem, all of which were opened up for one reason or another. All of which presented some sort of idea or attempt at getting onboard to see what in the good name of lemon pie is going on here.

You see, this basically is something that rarely any of the endeavours out there can claim to have achieved.

Now, when we take all of that into consideration it really becomes easy to understand why there are so many people loyal to Steem.

PS. When I say loyal, I am not talking about getting a Steem tattoo or anything like that, although if I do remember rightfully, I think that someone did do that, maybe even a couple of people. So yeah, even that is possible, won't do the "never say never" thing!

I hope that this short post, or shot video or short podcast have not put you to sleep and if they have, wish you seet dreams.

If not,


Yours truly,

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Great Video!!!!!

Yes! with Steem the possibilities are endless

14.12.2019 19:05

Opened up a whole new world!

14.12.2019 23:32

with great friends :D

14.12.2019 23:32

And of course the best thing about Steem Blockchain is making amazing friends from around the world, having a laugh and good time with them - sharing their happiness and sorrows. Steem brings people together - and that is priceless.

!COFFEEA 5 !DERANGED !giphy friends+forever

14.12.2019 20:36

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

14.12.2019 20:36

As with all social media, people intermingling, engaging in communications brings about the opportunities to expand our knowledge and diversity in who and what we are.

People can be good and do good, for themselves and from time to time, for others too!

Guess that plays a major role in that final moment when a persons life flashes in front of their eyes.

Yeah, Steem with the current portals using it, definitely has brought people from all over the world together.

Somewhat like what Bitcoin did, but Steem added that little human touch to it. So unlike Bitcoin, Steem doesn't have to be limited with it being only 'all about the money'.

Love it. All positive, that is for sure.

14.12.2019 23:38

A whole new concept. Exactly. Real opportunity to move forward, for sure. Good bit man.

@alliedforces curate 2

16.12.2019 06:17
You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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16.12.2019 06:17

As a steemit blogger, I love the people and the community here. And before, I was busy with other things but when I gave some time with steemit well, I learned how to swing with the ropes here somehow. And i'm planning to blog more here and some things I learned that I want to share to newbies here is he or she can add whale writer and the null account will give you upvotes and you can earn steem so good luck to us guys...

17.12.2019 10:10

Glad to hear from you friend

22.12.2019 11:50