Making It Work: The Steem Ecosystem. "THINKING OUT OF THE BOX"! (Part Three)


We have all had many opportunities to read about SBD.

Even I have addressed it in ways that are definitely "out of the box".

Yet, as we can see, nothing has changed in reference to SBD, no matter who suggested what.

As we approach the coming changes in which we see movement being made towards the implementation of SMTs and our token Steem being the "powerhouse" of it all, where does this leave SBD?


As things stand right now, I dare say "nowhere".

Now some of you may have read the idea I threw out there to declare SBD into a "loyalty reward" instead of a token. Yes this is purely a legal issue and it doesn't change anything, except for the fact that no exchange in it's right mind will deal with anything but 100% crypto tokens (as defined by law/jurisdiction).

Here are the links for those of you who are interested in reading the posts in which I try to put the idea out there.

Making It Work: The Steem Ecosystem. "THINKING OUT OF THE BOX"!

Making It Work: The Steem Ecosystem. "THINKING OUT OF THE BOX"! (Part Two)

However, those posts are maybe irrelevant for what I am about to throw out there today.

What if, now this is just an idea, a thought:

What if SBD had a validity period to them?

For example:

Valid for 90 days.

After which they get converted automatically withing our Steem code and not only that, but staked!

Yes, staked.

So, not only do we take care of our "internal debt issue", we also make sure that "debt becomes stake"!!!!!!

Just an idea, that could very well be considered in the grand scheme of things here.

Again, trying to take care of issues before than what they actually become really big issues!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Always welcome the approach of "Thinking Out Of The Box".


Yours truly,

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