Guangxi goose spring, pure natural beauty

Yesterday with long time does not see the friend to gather together, the recollection once upon a time travels together the happy time, misses then the beautiful scenery and embraces the nature the carefree mood!
Guangxi goose spring, is not a scenic spot small place, a pool of water is all, but because of clear, picturesque dream.Guangxi is blessed with beautiful scenery. A pool of water at random and a mountain nearby are the scenes in the painting.
Goose spring is a small scenic spot that we meet on the way to detian waterfall. It is very unremarkable to see from the road, but we find its beauty when we get close to it.It is a pool of crystal clear water, clear to the bottom of the pool grass and fish clearly visible!We came by accident, there were no other tourists except us, so we were able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape to our heart's content.

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