Raven [Original Song] - Jackie O

The fear of imperfection is a strong one for me.

One I've been working through by starting a business and with beginning to put my original music out there at open mic nights. I've been very hesitant to release my songs online for many reasons though, and fear of imperfection is just one of many.

There's the fear that nobody will listen. There's the fear that nobody will like my music. There's the fear that once I put them out there, they'll get stolen and I won't get credit for what I've created. There's the fear that I'm not a good enough musician to go anywhere with this and that it's just a waste of time. There's the fear that people will like my music and I'll be expected to produce more.

What I've come to realize, through self-reflection and the guidance of some amazing individuals in my life, is that my energy was in the wrong place with and that's what was generating all of these fears. I have made it all about myself, instead of choosing to see that by sharing my music, I might improve someone else's life. I might be able to serve humanity with my music. And this is really in alignment with my intention behind the songs - to raise my vibration and the vibration of those who listen. I write songs that start where I'm currently vibrating at, and end where I WANT to be. This has been my own "music therapy" for the past year, allowing me to channel all of the emotions that I've encountered as I've moved through some very challenging times and transitions, and now I'm beginning to acknowledge that these songs might benefit others as well.

So, this song, "Raven" is my first offering to you. Here's to lifting the collective consciousness to a higher vibration. <3


Verse 1:
I could have stayed in the safety of my nest
But I took wing, even though I second-guessed
Saw the Raven circling up ahead
Turned a blind eye to the arrow in my chest

You didn't want to fly with me
No room in your sky for me
The racing stripes gave you away
I should have known you wouldn't want to stay
And play...

Make-believe that we're already there
We beat the odds with our own little flare
And every time I see you staring at me
I get those chills that tell me
Just exactly how it feels
When love is real

Verse 2:
I took my time, breathing deeply as I fell
Knowing I would have the strength to catch myself
Trusting in my knowledge of the wind
Waiting for a draft of air to give me lift

Higher than I'd ever been
I didn't think they'd let me in
Realization dawned on me
That I had always had the means to be
The key and


And I don't have to be someone
That I'm not
And I don't have to go nowhere
That I don't want
My feathers know the way
They navigate without an ounce of starlight
They know the feeling of a ley line
It's part of their design

The north I've come to know is far from home
My compass calibrating
It seems the dream is finally fading
Inviting me to...change...and


(C) Jackie Obermeyer 2019

Stay tuned ;)

Jackie O

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Genuine Artists are rare youtube. Good to have u here!

(Also No ennoying junk food commercials before the song Starts)

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08.08.2019 21:40

Thanks @felix.herrmann! Hahaha. Yea, I haven't sold out... Yet ;P And maybe I won't need to, with the help of the steemit community!

12.08.2019 16:26

\o/ - you got my back and my upvotes. Hope Steem has finally found its bottom dollar price. Did you already check out @threespeak? They store videos longer u know?! Right now, i can't enjoy older tracks of yours on @dtube.

12.08.2019 16:46

I haven't heard of @threespeak - I'll definitely check them out. I'm seriously considering abandoning the @dtube platform for the time being. I've been having so many problems with things not uploading properly. Apparently my Mindful Monday post this week just didn't post at all, even though it said it did. Ugh. Lol.

15.08.2019 14:26

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08.08.2019 21:52

Thanks for the support @pasle! Really appreciate it!

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08.08.2019 23:46

This is real music. Love it with all my heart. Bravo!

09.08.2019 04:59

Wow! Thank you so much for your words @shemzee! Knowing my music resonates with others inspires me to make more and put more out there.

12.08.2019 16:29

Wow what a great voice, you have a lot of potential, I hope to see you more often♡

09.08.2019 17:24

Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback @iamsaray! Glad you enjoyed the song and yes, I intend to post more of my songs as I develop them. Gotta get over that fear!

12.08.2019 16:27