Mindful Monday - Georgia

.°. Mindful Monday .°.

Tune in here every Monday for a moment of pause to start your week off right!

John Mayer is a genius. That is all.

I'm giving up on @dtube for the time being because I can't seem to get it to upload reliably. Any suggestions appreciated!

Stay tuned ;)

Jackie O

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Was kinda sad and you took a smile out of me. Thanks!

19.08.2019 23:51

So glad that frown got flipped upside-down!

27.08.2019 14:31

did you ever try to NOT make music for one week? ;)

20.08.2019 10:10

Yes, there was a period of time during my PhD studies that I wasn't doing any music, and it nearly killed me. Literally. I suffered physically, emotionally and mentally. Music is as important as breathing for me.

27.08.2019 14:32

Well done! Dig the way you play.

Can you remind me what the name of this song is? I kinda want to learn how to play it now.

20.08.2019 16:09

Thanks @mstafford! It's "Why Georgia" by John Mayer. I wasn't able to play this one well until a friend showed me a simpler way to play it than the tabs I had been seeing online. Let me know if you're not able to find one that suits you and I could break it down in a video for you. :)

27.08.2019 14:34