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Keeping with the theme of movie scores, this is from one of my all-time favourites. The soundtrack to Memoirs of a Geisha, written by John Williams, features Itzhak Perlman and Yo-Yo Ma in a haunting dance between violin and cello that act as the "voices" of the two main characters.

Itzhak is one of my favourite violinists. The tone and emotion that he is able to inflect in every single note that he plays has always inspired my playing and my connection to the music I make. He brings a melody to life, infusing it with more meaning than words ever could.

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04.11.2019 15:27

awesome! did ever think about putting all your tunes from one year into one video so you can hear it in one row? https://dsound.audio/ also has a audio autoplay where you could put it.


04.11.2019 16:24

Ooo! That's a very interesting idea! Thanks for sharing that - I'll look into it :D

11.11.2019 22:34

Oh man, what a piece of content.

Pole dancer + musician = those people you wish you meet more often in your life.

Btw, going to Ontario this Jan 2020, hope to cya there.

I'd appreciate your review on my fitness content.
All about workout and nutrition science.

04.11.2019 23:40

Hahaha rightt?? ;P

Amazing! What brings you to Ontario?

11.11.2019 22:35

Planning to work as a Personal Trainer as well as pursuing my overall ambition to take over the world, muahaha. It seems like a good city for a new start.

Do you have Minds, Instagram or Steem Chat? I don't normally hang around here a lot but I do love networking with new people. It would be cool to connect.

12.11.2019 00:00