Mindful Monday - On Top of the World

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"On Top of the World" - This piece is featured in the movie Pride and Prejudice. My sister, actually learned it on piano first and hearing her play it so beautifully inspired me to learn it as well. I always think of her when I'm playing it and our sister dates, watching Keira Knightley as Lizzie fall for Mr. Darcy time and time again. It's a story that never gets old for a hopeful romantic like myself. ;)
I had some company as I was practicing this one as well - Nitro was either at my feet or close by every time I began playing this one. I was reminded of how amazing metronomes are for developing automatic physical movements, as the brain has a frequency it can anchor the activity to, much in the same way that Parkinson's patients see improvement in gait when walking to a beat! So cool.

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This is so beautiful!

28.10.2019 15:10

Thank you for listening! Glad you enjoyed it @eugelys!

28.10.2019 21:06