Free Energy - Is it Really Possible?

A week of mind-blowing shifts...

There was no Mindful Monday post this week, and I promise it was for a good reason. I moved out of my apartment in Toronto last Friday, and on Monday, headed down to Scotts Valley California to attend the most amazing retreat I have ever experienced. Tucked away in the Redwood forest, the campus of 1440 Multiversity was heaven on earth, and provided the absolute perfect environment to support the introduction and integration of some big shifts in my perspective. The retreat brought together experts in the fields of quantum physics, consciousness, biology, neuroscience, math, music, and spirituality with the intention of bridging the gaps between these disciplines to gain a better understanding of the universe and our role in it.


Of all of the amazing talks, connections, and experiences, the introduction to the ARK crystal technology stands out in my mind. I have been working with quartz crystals in conjunction with my sound therapy sessions for a while now and have trained myself to feel their subtle energies. I use them in grids to create a sacred space for my clients as well as to amplify the energy of the intention for the session. What I felt, playing around with the ARK (advanced resonance kinetics) crystal was not subtle...



Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Science Foundation have accomplished something absolutely astounding. They have created a quartz crystal so precisely aligned with the innate geometry of the crystal structure that they can couple it to the resonance of the "vacuum", or space-time, with a harmonic flux resonator. Once coupled, the ARK emits 26 photons per second, indefinitely (as far as they can tell, currently). Take a second to let that sink in and read it again. I'm STILL processing the magnitude of this discovery.

Me with Nassim Haramein, totally having a fan girl moment.

While my understanding of the physics behind this device is still developing, it has at the very least convinced me that free energy IS possible and that we are entering a new age. I am excited to continue learning about quantum physics and look forward to sharing more insights along the way. I also intend to acquire my own ARK crystal(s) for use in my Sound Sessions. It's time to level up.

Curious to know more? Check out this link:

Stay tund ;)

Jackie O

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Thanks for the heads up @nikv! I had no idea! What are they and how do I go about claiming them? When I follow that link, it just tells me that I have some in my wallet.

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Wow, amazing. Thanks for all of the info! Looks like I've got some reading to do. :)

05.08.2019 20:29

You're welcome! Shout if you need more help

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