Scottish Fiddle Tune - Devil's Dream

Brushing up on some of my old Scottish Fiddle repertoire for a 70th Birthday gig this weekend. Here's "Devil's Dream" with variations and super speed at the end! Haha.

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awesomediycontent So awesome and one of my favourite tunes, I played it on mandolin, bluegrass version and now I am playing it on fiddle too. Your playing is awesome gal!

27.09.2019 00:45

Oo awesome! I've never heard it played in a bluegrass style before! Thanks! :)

29.09.2019 03:00

This is amazing! :)

27.09.2019 09:49

Thank you! Do you regularly listen to fiddle music, or was this a taste of something different for you? Haha.

01.10.2019 13:20

I am a musician myself, and often listen to a lot of different music and play different musical instruments. Unfortunately, I never played the violin!

01.10.2019 13:24

Awesome! What instruments do you play?

07.10.2019 17:12

You did it again!

27.09.2019 12:43

Hahaha. Yes! Thank you! :)

01.10.2019 13:21

Your welcome ✌✌✌

01.10.2019 13:23

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28.09.2019 06:44

Didn't knew that tune, it's nice. I'm adding to my fiddle repertoire!

28.09.2019 07:04

Didn't knew that tune,
It's nice. I'm adding to my
Fiddle repertoire!

                 - nelius

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

28.09.2019 07:04

You are a kind bot
you arrange things
all seems a haiku now

28.09.2019 14:30

Thank you! Awesome. It's definitely a crowd pleaser. :D

01.10.2019 13:21