Lolli review: How I get the bitcoin reward with Lolli

Lolli is a Chrome extension, it has partnership with hundreds of companies. You can get the bitcoin reward when you shop in these online stores.
I will share my experience buying courses on Udemy with Lolli.
Register Lolli((You can get an extra 10$ of bitcoin after your initial purchase have been confirmed if you register Lolli with this link)

I get 13.5% of bitcoin reward on Udemy

Udemy is one partner of Lolli. I bought a course from Udemy on 11/20 with 19.99$. And I received the email from Lolli on 11/28 that I get 2.7$ of bitcoin reward.
I received an email from Lolli on 11/28.
I logged into my Lolli account and find out a new record in the activity tab.

Tips of getting the bitcoin reward from Lolli

1: Register Lolli

Click "Shop" and register. After your registration, you can click "Get Lolli for Chrome" and install the Lolli Chrome extension.
Lolli only supports Chrome and Firefox at the present. Make suer you use these two browsers, other wise you may not get the bitcoin reward.

2:Which online stores are partners with Lolli

Hundreds of online stores are partners with Lolli, such as Walmart, GAP, GoDaddy, Macy's, etc. You can find the whole list after you register Lolli.

3: How much bitcoin reward can you get

It depends on which online store you're shopping. You can get up to 30% back in bitcoin reward. I bought a course on Udemy and I can get 13.5% back in bitcoin reward. In fact, I spend 19.99$ on Udmey and I get 2.7$ back which is exactly 13.5% .

4:How to use Lolli

Check these tips before you shop with Lolli.
a:Lolli only supports Chrome and Firefox
b:Make sure you close Ad blockers of you browser
c:Make sure Lolli is activated before you make the deal
d:Lolli can not be used in conjunction with any third party tool.

5:How to activate Lolli

There are two ways to activate Lolli.
A:Find the store you want to shop within Lolli, and click "Shop". I want to buy a course on Udemy, so I can find Udmey in Lolli, and click "Shop" to activate it.
B:You can install Lolli Chrome extension. When you shop online, Lolli can be activated automatically. Make sure you see "Lolli Activated" before you place an order.

6: When will you receive the bitcoin reward

This is how Lolli works:
a:The shopper activate Lolli
b:Lolli notify the merchant
c:Shoppers place an order
d:Merchant notify Lolli that the shopper place an order and send the reward to Lolli
e:Lolli sends the bitcoin reward to the shoppers
Sometimes it needs several days for the merchant to notify Lolli that the shoppers place a valid order. So the shoppers may not be notified by Lolli instantly after they place an order. It usually takes several days. I've been contacting Lolli about this issue, and they are working on this. Hope they can improve the user experience in the future.

Conclusion about Lolli

Lolli actually works, because I really get the bitcoin reward after I shop on Udemy with Lolli. And I really hope Lolli can improve the user experience, so the shoppers can be notified once after they place an order. And I really hope Lolli can work with more merchants, so the users can have more places to shop with bitcoin reward.If you are interested in Lolli, register down below.
Register Lolli((You can get an extra 10$ of bitcoin after your initial purchase have been confirmed if you register Lolli with this link)

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