My Conspiracy Theorem

The Greek precursor for theory, means to view from a distance. So here goes my tale of wisdom an triumph I've returned with from over yonder. The 711 that used to be a store 24 or richdales all the way across the other side of town. I had this phenomenal quote from some fancy editor about pursuing the truth first an foremost even at the cost of your life. "Then it's slipped threw my fingers,much like fox whole prayers the bibble has infinite backups,will have to do amigo."
Let our heros journey begin.

Some time in the mid 1930 propoganda crossed the line from misleading, misguiding, manipulating an so on all the glorious plethora of marketing crafts an skill. MoveOn.orged to outright central planning. Making carbon copies of the latest people of interest an there fads trends an capacity to influence. Mumble rappers, undecided voter or an DNC selected candidates,HR departments, may be the latest flavors of afflictions damb sure twas not the first. As early as the 60's they where reverse black facing Jazz musicians, with some long haired middle America back up singer monstrosity. Two decades before everyone has heard of Edward Bearnaise an manufacturing consent. A decade before that Mont Perlin Soiciety Milton Friedman an Hyack. There star stuck contribution. Free markets are a omnipotent celestial being and Bude with godly traits an powers. In simple English an information processor like a cpu.

Now that I think of it the quest for A.I deep learning bigger data sets is the same nonsence.  Market is a god head we are inputs. Labour an time is irrelevant.  You drew the short stick.  Distribution pre or post efficiency costs logistics all moot and null.

He whom conforms will earn. You just divinate the outputs. Just like any bogus popularity contest. You're real talent will be soothsaying,the gift of the gab. This is the way it has Always been. Tina there is no alternative. This is the greatest period ever with the most advantages for the youth of humanity' see the end of history.
An alchemist summonsing wonders from the ether. If only the world could see your vision an forward thinking. Unleash the mighty engine of the entrepreneurs.

Side note like most dogmas careful what you wish for that engine may be clogged full of fecal matter.

Your not extrapolating out multiple magnitudes of complexity to the point of noise white background static or otherwise. Each layer is not subject to fallacy, personal bias of the designer, like rundundency being interpreted as a pattern instead of randomness an familiarity. See Jesus face on white toast. Even with a sample size of 10 thousand what is the insight?
The margin of era is not increasing to the point of ridiculousness with each added uncontrolled vairable.

Just ask Mr.ZuckerFucker facebook an apple maybe all the fangs should be self evident examples. Never mind the fact they all brutally pillaged the work labour an expertise of 1000s while not even offering them an equity's stake in the end product or company never mind secure employment steady paycheck. In Steve Jobs case pattents end to end closed the whole system. Billions in litigation so you would be forced to use his hand selected air buds. All while using other people's credit an collateral to build his brand. There may be the rub other than recurring revenue an planned obsolescence it's all unearned income. Most untaxable at that. Capitolist are suppose to get hard dicks from competition an limp dick from monopoly-.
What happened?

Just a *SideNote destroying the distinction between earned an unearned income. More contributions from daddy Milton an Mont Perlin Allowing usury fraud theft tollbooths,feefucking, an all the endless myriad of free lunch Economics plus moats to be counted as productivity by your federal government in G.D.P figures. That's right the C.B.O of the United States counts me inventing or filling out an existing form paper claiming this rock lake dirt structure sound air wave is an has always been mine fuck you pay me as a productive economic activity value added. If that's was not bad enough the aforementioned is then resold , packaged with other nonsense an collaterized to be used on a sliding scale of ever increasing leverage to be bought an sold a half dozen more times. Then finally the last sucker holds it to long an depending on how many of these hot potatoes he possess he looses everything including his wife house first born or the federal government bails him out an the music plays again! Tbc.....

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