Outdoor Grow, Started Indoor: Purple Cream 75/25 indica dominant strain - The First 8 Weeks

Hey all, it's the middle of Summer in Ontario - i managed to get 4 cannabis plants in the ground this year :) 4 Plants per residence are legal in Ontario now, be sure to know your local regulations.

PURPLE CREAM indica dominant

The Purple Cream 75/25 indica dominant strain is believed to have been created with the crossing of a Skunk and Kush strain (Source). Buddy said purples grow well outdoor with the shorter growing season in Ontario. With good growing conditions these Purple Cream buds are expected to have 18-24% THC.


A Few Days to Germinate

A little late for starting cannabis, tomato, or pepper plants indoors - a week before May these Purple Cream seeds were folded in a damp paper towel and placed on a warm shelf for a few days until they popped / germinated.


Purple Cream Effects (Source)

Effects -
Happy, Hungry, Relaxing.
May Relieve
Anxiety, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, PMS, Stress, Tinnitus.
pop2.jpg pop3.jpg

100% Poppage Rate for these Feminized Purple Cream Seeds


The popped/germinated seeds were planted into separate plant cells filled with potting soil - i would have used larger dirt containers, but these seedlings will be transplanted outside after a few weeks.

inthedirt.jpg underthelights.jpg

Transplanted After 4 Weeks

A week before June, after the last frost, the Purple Cream seedlings were transplanted to an outdoor garden bed.

transplantclose.jpg transplanttopclose.jpg

Ample irrigation water for the transplanted seedlings from the 250 gallon water tote up the hill - filled with roof water, it's much fuller now.

irrigationwater.jpg transplanted.jpg

4 Weeks After Transplanting

Fast forward to now, 4 weeks after transplanting outdoors - 8 weeks total grow time. One of the seedlings didn't make it - probably a wind storm or bunny rabbit, the seedlings were small. Replaced it with a 707 Headband plant from buddy.

plantnowtop.jpg plantnowside.jpg

Purple Cream Flavors and Scents (Source)

Fruity, Pine, Sweet, Tropical.
Aromas -
Floral, Fruity, Sweet.

Only 10-12 weeks or so to go until harvest time, then drying and curation. Looking forward to sampling the Purple Cream buds.

Have a great day!

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Lol! Ill sure as hell will be doing curation too, just make sure to keep the updates coming! Love the lay out of your post. I am taking notes as well.

18.07.2019 02:55

Looking mighty good mr Jack Dub!

18.07.2019 02:59

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18.07.2019 03:30

Super cool bro. Purple Cream sounds like a dream. Even the germinated seedlings have a creamy vibe.

I'm looking forward to seeing the harvest and hearing about the sampling experience :)

18.07.2019 03:37

Thanks, i'm curious to see how purple these leaves and bud get :)

18.07.2019 12:34

I look forward to you writing up a review when its ready. Keep us all updated!

18.07.2019 03:44

Hello, I wish your plant. Strong root system.

18.07.2019 07:23