MANGO KUSH 65/35 indica hybrid - Evening Spliff with Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored papers - Well cushioned, Smooth, Laid Back Euphoric Energy.


Hey all, rolled up an evening spliff with Mango Kush buds, and a Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored superfine paper. The sweet green tea paper flavor blended well with the sweet mango peach vanilla pine with light spice flavor of the Mango Kush buds. Well cushioned, smooth, laid back euphoric energy.

MANGO KUSH indica hybrid

The Mango Kush 65/35 indica hybrid strain is believed to have been created with the crossing of the Mango and Hindu Kush strains (Source). These buds have a smooth 20% THC.

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Mango Kush Looks

The Mango Kush buds have dark greens and light greens, ample thick mats of pale orange pistils, and a thick coating of amber trichomes that give the buds an amber tone.

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Mango Kush Scent

The Mango Kush buds have a sweet and lightly pungent mango fruity and muted dank earthy scent to them - the scent reminds me of the Pineapple Mint herb.

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Mango Kush Effects (Source)

Effects - Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Relaxing. May Relieve - Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress.
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Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored superfine papers

Rolling up the Mango Kush buds with Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored papers. The papers are superfine, weighing in at 12g/m². Not sure if they are supposed to be tobacco or green tea leaf flavored - they have a sweet and herbal tobacco scent to them, but the flavor is sweet green tea - an easy flavor match with most bud strains. The papers have green leaf graphics printed with soy ink.


Mango Kush buds split

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Spliff Rolled

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Spliff Sparked


Mango Kush flavor

7:50PM was the First Toke... Sweet green tea flavor on the lips, lightly pungent - sweet citrus pine, light mango and vanilla with a light spice on the tail end - sweet citrus pine green tea aftertaste. Mind is relaxing, cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing - face tingling lightly.

microsplittopb.jpg microsplittoptwist.jpg

Chest cushioned with energy, front of brain cushioned - comfortably numb with perma-grin. Energy lightly flowing up from the solar plexus.

microsplitleafs.jpg microsplitliltop.jpg

Mango Kush effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Sweet mango vanilla citrus and light pine with a slight spice on the tail end - lightly pungent and sweet green tea aftertaste, refreshing. Mind relaxed and cushioned with creative and cheerful energy, body buzzing lightly. Eye lids relaxed lightly, laid back perma-grin.


10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet mango vanilla with a light pine spice tail end - citrus mango vanilla pine aftertaste, the flavors are darkening nicely. Mind relaxed and cushioned, cheerful euphoric, laid back - body relaxed, balanced and content energy. Eye lids more relaxed and slightly puffy, perma-grin - cheerful and well cushioned buzz. Smooth and sweet green leaf light pine citrus mango aftertaste.

microsplitside.jpg microtopleafshine.jpg

15 Minutes After First Toke...

Fourth and Fifth Tokes... Smooth and tasty tokes, thick and sweet smoke with that light spice pine tail end. Euphoric head rush from those last couple tokes. Eye lids relaxed, well cushioned, perma grin, smooth and laid back euphoric energy.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Enjoyed the Mango Kush and Green Leaf paper flavor pairing, sweet and slightly pungent citrus pine, light mango and vanilla flavor with a light sweet spice on the tail end - sweet citrus pine green tea aftertaste. Well cushioned, smooth and laid back euphoric energy. I'd smoke these Mango Kush buds in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Have a great day!

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wouldn't mind trying that one..been enjoying some zombie kush this week but it's not my fave😄🤔

04.07.2019 23:07

Zombie kush is an awesome dominant indica, solid end of the day relaxation :)

05.07.2019 01:41

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04.07.2019 23:11

i need some euphoric energy

04.07.2019 23:41

I was smoking on these mango kush for a week or so, a good any time of day staple for me - up beat smooth euphoric energy, nice cushion, not lethargic :)

05.07.2019 20:12


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05.07.2019 02:21

Looks super dank as usual.
Smoking on some clinic bud tonight

08.07.2019 08:21