After Lunch DEATH TUNA 70/30 indica hybrid Spliff with OCB Ultimate Papers - Well Cushioned with Balanced Euphoric Energy


Rolled up an after lunch spliff with Death Tuna bud and OCB Ultimate rolling papers - balanced mind focus with smooth and active euphoric energy - solid cushion. Sweet dark earthy, citrus pine skunky flavor with a light spice tail end.

DEATH TUNA indica hybrid

The Death Tuna 70/30 indica hybrid strain was created with the crossing of the Tuna Kush and Death Star strains (Source). These Death Tuna buds have a solid 25% THC.

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Death Tuna Looks

The Death Tuna buds have a dark resinous look to them - dark and vibrant greens, ample mats of crispy burnt orange pistils, and a thick coating of white and amber trichomes.


Death Tuna Scent

There's a sweet dark kush and tuna scent to these Death Tuna buds - dank.

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Death Tuna Effects (Source)

Common Usage – Stress, Depression, Fatigue
Effects – Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric


OCB Ultimate rolling papers

Rolled up the Death Tuna spliff with an OCB Ultimate rolling paper - made with flax fiber with "Ultimate Thinness and Lightness", these sheer crisp papers weigh in at 10g/m² - smooth burn.

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Death Tuna grindage


Spliff Rolled

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Spliff Sparked


Death Tuna flavor

12:40PM was the First Toke... Sweet dark earthy, citrus pine skunky flavor with a light spice tail end. Mind relaxing, front of the brain cushioned - cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing. Eye lids relaxing lightly. Euphoric energy gently bubbling up from the solar plexus, cushioning the chest.

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Death Tuna effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Sweet lightly pungent pine citrus skunky bright terpenes with a light spice citrus pine tail end. More euphoric energy bubbling up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned and lightly tingling, slight perma-grin - cheerful. Eye lids relaxed and slightly puffy, Face and front of the brain cushioned, decently balanced euphoric energy.

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10 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet and slightly pungent citrus pine skunk flavor with light spice tail end - energetic citrus pine diesel aftertaste. Well cushioned, relaxed mind, smooth and decently balanced euphoric energy gently flowing up from the solar plexus. Cheerful buzz for outdoor activities.

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20 Minutes After First Toke...

Euphoric energy flow - perma-grin, getting some giggles. Feel good buzz, smooth cushion.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

The Death Tuna effects started with relaxed and slightly puffy eyelids, cushioned face and front of the brain, decently balanced euphoric energy. 20 minutes after first toke the mind focus balanced with smooth active euphoric energy - solid cushion. Sweet dark earthy, citrus pine skunky flavor with a light spice tail end - i'd toke these Death Tuna buds in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Have a great day!

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