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@jackdub on WeedCash - Strain Review Index

Cannabis is legal where i live in Ontario, Canada - unfortunately cannabis is still illegal manly places around the world, be sure to know your local laws. Hopefully it will be legalized more places soon for medicinal and recreational use.

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Banana Clips indica hybrid

MARLEY BOWL Tokes with BANANA CLIPS Indica hybrid - Solid Cushion with Smooth Euphoric Mind Energy - "Sweet lemon-lime pine with vanilla, banana, and strawberry flavor - smooth tokes from the Marley Bowl. Well cushioned evening with smooth euphoric mind energy."

Banana Diesel 70/30 indica hybrid

BANANA DIESEL 70/30 indica hybrid Late Morning Spiff with IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers - Well Cushioned and Smooth Euphoric Energy

Black Diamond 70/30 indica hybrid

BLACK DIAMOND 70/30 indica hybrid Evening Bong Tokes - Solid Relaxation, Smooth and Laid Back Euphoric Energy - "Sweet dark berry and grape with light pine spice flavor that sweetened as the bowl burned down, tasty. Solid mind and body cushion, smooth and laid back euphoric energy."

Black Kush indica hybrid

BEECH WOOD BOWL Tokes with BLACK KUSH Indica hybrid - A Well Cushioned Morning - "Sweet lemon lime pine with a touch of cream and spice flavor - well cushioned lightly slap happy euphoria with decent energy balance for the morning tasks."

Blackwater OG indica dominant

Evening Spliff with BLACKWATER OG indica dominant buds + Smoking Deluxe Rice Papers - Solid Relaxation with Laid Back Euphoria - "Sweet lemon pine grape and dark fruit flavors, mind and body relaxation with laid back euphoria - solid night cap."

Blissful Wizard 50/50 balanced hybrid

BLISSFUL WIZARD 50/50 balanced hybrid Evening Tokes with TPB Pyrex Pipe - Cushioned Balanced Euphoric Energy, Focused Mind - "Sweet and tart green apple, buttery, and nutty with a sweet pine spice tail end flavor - lightly cushioned and balanced euphoric energy effects, blissfully focused mind."

Early Evening BLISSFUL WIZARD BLUNT 50/50 balanced hybrid - Blissfully focused mind, Balanced euphoric energy, Smooth cushion - "The sweet and tart apple buttery pine flavor of the buds were a tasty match up to the split cigar wrap's darker flavor. The blunt burned slow and smooth - blissfully focused mind, balanced euphoric energy, and a smooth cushion."

Blue Rhino 60/40 indica hybrid

BLUE RHINO 60/40 indica hybrid spliff with COTTON CANDY flavored hemp papers - Cushioned, Euphoric, Smooth Energy - "The candy-like sweet lemon-lime pine with a light blueberry flavor Blue Rhino buds were a good pairing with the cotton candy flavored paper - well balanced with a solid cushion and smooth euphoric energy effects."

Blueberry 80/20 indica dominant

BLUEBERRY 80/20 indica dominant Afternoon Spliff with OCB Ultimate Papers - Cheerful, Well Cushioned, Relaxed - "Sweet and slightly sour blueberry vanilla with a touch of pine and spice on the tail end. Cheerful, well cushion, and relaxed buzz - found some shade for the smooth afternoon."

Chem Fire 65/35 indica hybrid

Afternoon Spliff with CHEM FIRE 65/35 indica hybrid - with OCB Premium Flax Papers - Balanced and Cushioned Euphoric Energy - "Sweet and pungent lime pine with a light spice tokes. The smooth head buzz with balanced and cushioned euphoric energy was a good match up for the outdoor activities."

Cherry Kola 70/30 indica hybrid

CHERRY KOLA 70/30 indica hybrid After Dinner Spliff with RAW Black Classic Extra Fine Papers - Well Cushioned with Smooth and Laid Back Euphoric Energy - "Convincing cherry cola flavor with a sweet, lightly pungent, cherry and light spice flavor. Relaxed and well cushioned mind and body with smooth laid back euphoric energy, decently focused mind - cheerful buzz."

Cherry OG 50/50 balanced hybrid + CBD

CHERRY OG 50/50 balanced hybrid + CBD - with IRIE Extra Light Hemp Papers - Energetic and Well Cushioned, skipped the Caffeine - "Cushioned intense euphoric energy for the first half hour, then cushioned balanced euphoric energy for the next few hours - skipped the caffeine. Sweet and tart cherry citrus pine with light spice flavor."

Citrus Skunk Grow 60/40 sativa hybrid

CITRUS SKUNK GROW - 60/40 cannabis sativa hybrid - 7 Months Total Grow Time - "After 7 months of vegging and budding, 3 weeks of drying, and 1 weeks of curing, the buds were ready to smoke. The Citrus Skunk buds have a dank, skunky, and sweet lemon-lime citrus scent and flavor with that touch of skunk spice on the tail end."

Death Star 75/25 indica hybrid

Evening Tokes with DEATH STAR 75/25 indica dominant hybrid - Well Cushioned Night Cap with Relaxing Euphoria - "Well cushioned with smooth underlying euphoric energy. Sweet, vanilla pine diesel with light spice flavor with mouth tingling terpenes."

Denver Maple indica

Evening Marley Bowl Tokes with DENVER MAPLE pure indica - Well Cushioned, Relaxing, and Smooth - "The Mind, Body, and Eye lids were relaxed and well cushioned from the Denver Maple bud tokes - the euphoric energy was extra stimulating the first half hour, then smoothed out to a laid back euphoric buzz. Sweet and spicy pine, wood, caramel, and vanilla flavors - tasty."

GLOOKIES 60/40 sativa hybrid

Early Morning GLOOKIES 60/40 sativa hybrid Bowl Tokes - Smooth Euphoric Energy with a Light Cushion, Uplifting - "Smooth, energetic, euphoric, and lightly cushioned buzz with a clear and cheerful mind. Sweet lightly pungent citrus pine with a nutty flavor and diesel light spice - uplifting."

Godfather OG indica hybrid

GODFATHER OG Evening Spliff with Cheech & Chong Hemp Papers - Smooth, Euphoric, and Well Cushioned - Indica hybrid - "Tasty sweet and sour lemon-lime pine buds with a touch of spice on the tail end - decently balanced effects, solid relaxation with euphoric energy."

Gorilla Glue 60/40 indica hybrid

Evening Spliff with GORILLA GLUE (60/40) indica hybrid and Julian's Rum Flavoured Papers - Well Cushioned with Balanced Euphoric Energy - "Well cushioned with balanced euphoric energy, the sweet and slightly pungent citrus chocolate spicy pine flavor of the buds paired well with the rum flavoured papers."

Han Solo sativa hybrid

HAN SOLO sativa hybrid - Morning Spliff with GHETTO BLASTER hemp papers - Energetic, Smooth, Euphoric - Skipped the Caffeine - "Sweet and sour citrus pine flavor with a touch of vanilla baked goods and mango. Lightly cushioned, energetic, euphoric, smooth effects - skipped the caffeine."

Mango Kush 65/35 indica hybrid

MANGO KUSH 65/35 indica hybrid - Evening Spliff with Juicy Jay's Green Leaf flavored papers - Well cushioned, Smooth, Laid Back Euphoric Energy. - "The sweet green tea paper flavor blended well with the sweet mango peach vanilla pine with light spice flavor of the Mango Kush buds. Well cushioned, smooth, laid back euphoric energy."

MK Ultra 70/30 indica hybrid

MK ULTRA 70/30 indica hybrid - Afternoon Octopus Bowl Tokes - Deep Lull Relaxation that Starts off with 30 Mins of Euphoric Hype - "Sweet spicy pine, citrus, and woody flavors with mouth tingling terpenes. Mind numbing, with drool potential, laid back and cheerful buzz that started off with a half hour of smooth euphoric hype then continued with deep relaxation for the next couple hours."

Moonwalker 60/40 indica hybrid

MOONWALKER 60/40 indica hybrid Early Evening Spliff with Elements Rice Papers - Balanced Euphoric Energy, Solid Cushion - "Tasty sweet and lightly pungent, caramel peach and pine flavors from the Moonwalker tokes. Well balanced euphoric energy, solid cushion - lightly hazy with decent mind focus perma-smirk stone, smooth."

Mr Pink 80/20 sativa hybrid

Saturday Morning Spliff with MR PINK 80/20 sativa dominant strain and RAW Black unbleached papers - Smooth, Energetic Euphoria, Well Cushioned behind the Eyes - "Energetic euphoria effects, solid front of the brain cushion, and a well focused mind - gentle and balanced body energy. Interesting creamy sweet and sour cheese skunk flavor."

Northern Lights indica

NORTHERN LIGHTS indica Evening Spliff with Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers - Relaxed and Well Cushioned with Laid Back Euphoric Energy

Pineapple Express sativa hybrid

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS sativa hybrid spliff with SMOKING CORN papers - Smooth Energetic Effects - "Not quite as intense as in the "Pineapple Express" movie, they have smooth energetic effects with a decent cushion and euphoria."

Pink Rockstar 75/25 indica dominant

Late Evening PINK ROCKSTAR 75/25 indica dominant Spliff with Cheech & Chong Hemp Papers - Mind and Body Relaxation with Smooth Euphoric Energy - "Solid mind and body relaxation and cushion, smooth and laid back euphoric energy. Classic Kush flavor with a sweet and dark lightly spicy pine and earthy berry flavor - sweet and light spice aftertaste reminiscent of ginger bread cookies."

Pure Power Plant 70/30 sativa hybrid

PURE POWER PLANT 70/30 sativa hybrid Morning Spliff with Greengo Natural Papers - Balanced Energy with Head Cushion - "Balanced euphoric energy and head cushion with a clear and relaxed mind. Smooth citrus vanilla with a light spice zest flavor."

Purple Buddha 50/50 balanced hybrid

Mid-day Marley Bowl Tokes with the PURPLE BUDDHA 50/50 balanced hybrid - Cushioned, Euphoric, Smooth Energy - "Balanced buds with cushioned, euphoric, and smooth energetic effects. I've been smoking on these the past couple days - the buds have a sweet and creamy grape pine berry flavor with a very light spice on the tail end, tasty."

Purple Candy 75/25 indica dominant

PURPLE CANDY 75/25 indica dominant Evening Bowl Tokes - Tasty Well Cushioned Buzz, Starts with Intense Euphoric Energy - "The well cushioned and euphoric effects started off with 25 minutes of somewhat intense body buzzing euphoric energy with a cushioned, tingling, and stoned mind - them smoothed out to a well cushioned creative energy buzz. Sweet candy-like pine, honey, light berry and grape flavors with that mouth tingling spice on the tail end - ginger ale reminiscent aftertaste."

Purple Cream 75/25 indica dominant

Outdoor Grow, Started Indoor: Purple Cream 75/25 indica dominant strain - The First 8 Weeks - "100% Poppage Rate for these Feminized Purple Cream Seeds"

Purple Trainwreck 50/50 balanced hybrid

Afternoon Spliff with PURPLE TRAINWRECK (50/50) balanced hybrid and RAW Classic Rolling Papers - Mind and Body Relaxation with Balanced Energy - "Solid body relaxation with a cushioned mind and laid back smooth euphoric energy - sweet and pungent citrus pine berry grape with light diesel light spice on the tail end flavor."

Rockstar 70/30 indica hybrid

Evening Metal Pipe Tokes with ROCKSTAR 70/30 indica hybrid - Intense Euphoric Energy, then Laid Back, then Munchies - "Intense euphoric energy for the first 45 minutes, then the effects smooth out to an eventual laid back slap happy and well cushioned relaxation - finishing with a half hour of lower energy or sleepy time, then munchies. Tasty candy-like lemon-lime pine with a sweet and lightly pungent sparkling wine spice flavor on the tail end."

Romulan indica

Evening Bong Tokes with ROMULAN indica dominant - Solid Laid Back Stone with a Touch of Euphoric Energy

Sky Chem 85/15 indica dominant

SKY CHEM 85/15 indica dominant Evening Marley Bowl Tokes - Well cushioned, smooth and relaxed euphoric energy - "Sweet and sour blueberry pine, and light diesel spice flavor with a floral and light pine vanilla spice on the tail end. Well cushioned, smooth and relaxed euphoric energy."

Skywalker OG 85/15 indica dominant

TURTLE BOWL evening tokes with SKYWALKER OG - Calm, Euphoric, Well Cushioned - Tasty Indica Dominant Night Cap - "Sweet candy-like berry pine with a light spice tail end flavor - calm, euphoric, and well cushioned indica dominant effects that wash away the hype from the day - a perfect night cap, tasty."

SKYWALKER OG 85/15 indica dominant Evening Spliff Rolled with BLACKBERRY RUM flavored hemp papers - Cheerful Relaxation - "Sweet and lightly pungent candy-like blackberry rum, pine, and grape with light spice flavor combination, so tasty. Solid body and mind relaxation - laid back, cushioned, euphoric, and cheerful effects."

Sugar Cookie 50/50 balanced hybrid

SUGAR COOKIE 50/50 balanced hybrid - Afternoon Spliff Rollup with GIZEH Extra Fine Hemp Papers - Well Cushioned and Balanced Euphoric Energy - "Sweet, slightly pungent, buttery, coffee-like vanilla and light spice pine flavor with sugar cookie aftertaste. Smooth effects with well cushioned and balanced euphoric energy - solid cushion."

Super Silver Haze sativa dominant

SUPER SILVER HAZE (SSH) sativa dominant morning with Smoking Master papers - Smooth Energy, Skip the Coffee - "Smooth mind and body energy - serine kind of feel with a clear mind. Sweet and pungent favor, touch of lime and pine, lightly herbal fruity zest on the tail end - smooth aftertaste that's reminiscent of green tea."

Violator Kush 80/20 indica dominant

VIOLATOR KUSH 80/20 indica dominant with RAW Organic Hemp papers - Solid Relaxation Evening Tokes - "Sweet and slightly sour lemon-lime pine with a light spice and berry aftertaste - solid cushion, relaxation, and smooth euphoria."

Watermelon Zkittlez 70/30 indica hybrid

Afternoon WATERMELON ZKITTLEZ 70/30 indica hybrid Turtle Bowl Tokes - Solid Relaxation, Uplifting Euphoria - "They quickly numbed the mind, cushioned the body, and uplifted the spirit with euphoria. Sweet and sour berry, citrus, and fruity flavors with a tongue tingling light spice."

Wedding Cake 60/40 indica hybrid

Celebration with WEDDING CAKE 60/40 indica hybrid - WeedCash Bong tokes - Euphoric Cushioned Energy - "Sweet vanilla pine citrus with sweet spice tail end. An intense euphoric cushioned energy for the first 45 minutes that smooths out to a well balanced buzz for remaining hours."

White Rhino 80/20 indica dominant

WHITE RHINO 80/20 indica dominant Evening BONG TOKES - These Spicy Buds bring some Heat and Cheerful Relaxation - "Slightly sweet pine, vanilla, and woody herbal flavor with a cumin/coriander-like spice tail end - well cushioned with decently hype euphoric energy that transitions into solid cheerful relaxation."

Zombie OG 90/10 indica dominant

Rolled Up an Afternoon ZOMBIE OG Spliff with OCB Ultimate Papers - Indica dominant relaxation - "Rolled up a Zombie OG 90/10 Indica dominant spliff for a relaxed, well cushioned, lightly energetic, and euphoric afternoon."

Many thanks to all that have supported these cannabis review posts on Steem, WeedCash, and the PAL communities.

Have a great day!

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