I will sell a cow and buy magic beans.

I haven't had a job since I graduated from university in February this year.
I had expected this situation while i was in university because i didn't major in lucrative major such as business, finance, law, or engineering.
Right after graduation, i attended an electricity tech school to get a job. I planned about my future, about how i earn money, how i save money, how i become an expert, and when i retire and so on.
However, everything didn't go just like i planned. I couldn't become an electrician and an office clerk either.
I submitted almost 100 resumes to apply for a job regardless of what job position is but only one company offered a job interview and after 2weeks, i got a mail that says i'm not qualified for the position. I was so hopeless and tired, and what it worse, big warts grew on my sole and toes. They were so painful that i couldn't do even any manual labor. I was so frustrated about this situation and almost gave up. I just stayed home unless i go to the hospital for warts and just wasted time watching movies on Netflix or youtube videos but sometimes i read a book.
Meanwhile, I watched some videos about online business such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping and lucrative platform websites like steemit. I was shocked that many people are earning a lot of money just using internet and smartphone. I had thought that to earn a lot of money, i have to graduate from a prestige univeristy or have expertise in business,law, or engineering and also thought it is the same on online business. It isn't. This fact made my mind blown. I realized that studying hard and working hard like a cow doesn't guarantee wealth anymore. At this time, a story comes to my mind. It was 'Jack and the beanstalk'. In the story, lazy and foolish jack sells a cow to buy magic beans. This makes his mother angry and she throws the beans out of the window. However, the beans grow overnight, and jack climbs the huge beanstalk. On the top the beanstalk, jack finds a giant's castle and steals gold coin and a hen that lays a golden egg from the giant.
I think i wanted to be a cow that works hard for other people and gets tiny compensation(wage) but now i realized that it is the time to sell the cow to buy magic beans. I mean changing of mindset. Fortunately, when i got to know about online business, i was also reading a book, 'Financial freedom'. This also made my mind blown. I had thought that retirement from working is the distant future to me who is just 27years old. It isn't. I realized i planned wrong and decided to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible and do what i want to do.
Although i haven't earned any penny on internet yet, my mind has been absolutely changed recently. This means that I sold the cow and bought magic beans.

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