Finally I made my first online sale


Today I found that I finally made my first sale through affiliate marketing.

The affiliate platform that I made my first sale is Coupang partners, which is affiliate platform that usually Koreans use to make online income.

Coupang partners is like Amazon affiliate so when someone buys a product through my link, I get 3% commission.

Today someone bought a product which costs 46,230won(39.58$) so I got 1,386won(1.19$).

I know it's tiny amount.

However, when I saw the sale, I felt something is happening in my mind.

Before I made the first sale, I was skeptical about online business although I consciously tried to be positive about online business because my subconsciousness always thinks negatively like 'It doesn't work', 'this is not for me', 'it's a scam' and etc.

And Right after I saw my first sale, I could feel that my subconsciousness was changing from negative thought to positive thought like 'It works', 'I also can do this', 'keep going'.

It was like a magic effect.

Although I just made 1$ financially, I think I got a much more valuable thing today.

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