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As you know, the organization of any wedding event poses a lot of questions and problems. This business is relevant recently and some agencies can solve organizational problems. Various companies and individuals offer to organize a wedding celebration in any city, but in most cases they are engaged in organizing various other events at the same time, so there is no 100% quality guarantee.

Well, an automated service called Listereum for organization has appeared wedding events. The company completely excludes all available intermediaries and connects the client directly with people who will be engaged in certain areas such as restaurants, musicians, florists and so on. The fact that this topic is promising, says that according to statistics, there are about 170 million marriages in the world, and on average, a wedding costs about 10,000 to 50,000 dollars.

The objects of the project are men and women of marriageable age. Their financial situation does not matter, because the business plan covers services in accordance with any event budget. It can be a modest wedding in a cafe for 20 people, without live music, fireworks and other specialties. Or maybe a wedding in a luxurious restaurant, with the face of the media being the host, and a wedding procession, including a full limousine.

Almost half of your wedding will be held in a restaurant, so it is so important to create an appropriate mood here. The design of the banquet hall directly depends on the zoning of the room and the purpose of these same zones. Listereum will show the best specialists in the design of halls with ratings, prices and their work.

  • The lounge area is a space where guests can chat with each other, or perhaps meet or just sit and wait for the newlyweds to arrive. Your task is to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration with the help of decor. In the lounge area, you can highlight:
  • Interactive areas have an active dialogue between guests, walks and photo shoots commemorating the wedding. Guests will happily chat with each other over a cup of coffee or tea, listen to stories about the heroes of the occasion and take part in contests and entertainments.
  • The recreation area has a pleasant, calm decoration and comfortable furniture. Recreation areas are located away from noise and human flow, here you can relax, for example, elderly relatives and guests.
  • Banquet area
  • The newlyweds table is the central place for the celebration, which is obligatory when decorating the hall it stands out in various ways.
  • The technical zone allows the sound engineer, celebration coordinator and staff to accommodate along with the equipment. It is necessary to add the technical zone to the plan of the banquet hall, as early as possible, so that you don’t rush around in search of sockets and a place for equipment.

Listereum working principle

Listereum can offer a full range of wedding services, from beautifully crafted invitations to a unique, romantic honeymoon after the celebration. For example, what a variety of services, starting simple to complex, Listereum can provide:

  • The company will help customers determine the date of the celebration. There are many options, someone, for example, does not want the wedding date to fall on a religious holiday or for a post, someone wants to save some money and choose a day out of season, someone wants to carry out the event in a certain period of the year and so on more.
  • The company will help you create a list of guests. It is possible to inform guests through social networks, as well as using a convenient service to create beautiful invitations and send them to all future guests
  • Organize on-site registration. Sometimes the standard registration at the registry office is often replaced by an exit one and the company will help you choose the right place for it.
  • Assisting in choosing a restaurant and menu for a wedding banquet. Here, in addition to creating the menu itself, special attention is paid to choosing the size and design of the wedding cake and how to prepare and deliver it to the banquet.
  • Offer and help the client decide on the style of the event. Any subject can be chosen here, for example, a pirate, biker or wedding in Hawaiian, Japanese style or just in some specific single color or combination of colors.
  • Professional design of the banquet hall, place of registration, cars in which one unified style chosen by the customer.
  • Services for the selection and creation of the image of the newlyweds and their guests. In accordance with the choice of a particular style or color of the wedding, agency staff assist in determining the image of the newlyweds, and this is the outfit of the bride and groom and, if necessary, the outfits of guests. Among other things, masters are selected who will do hairstyle, makeup, manicure and other cosmetic options for the bride and groom grooming.
  • Organization of transport necessary for the event. This includes renting a car for the bride and groom, cars for guests, providing escorts, buses for the evening delivery of guests and more.

From the above description, we can conclude that Listereum is an ICO project with very good and useful services for many people. This service facilitates marriage preparation through Listereum services. The functions provided by this service are also very good and make it easy to find the different types of requirements that are needed for the wedding, so we can combine all these requirements in one place. Since Listerum is a service in which many functions are useful to all participants, Listereum, of course, should also be beneficial, and the benefits of Listereum are also very fair and, of course, benefit various stakeholders.*9UPjvYGCYANQNcnZIxE28A.png

You can study this project using the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. Which links, I have specially prepared for you.

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