ICO PointPay Review

PointPay is starting to develop a single cryptocurrency ecosystem, the advantage of which for the end user will be the undeniable convenience of obtaining all services related to cryptocurrency operations within a single platform. The plans include the implementation of an extended version of a multi-currency wallet, an extended version of a crypto-exchange and a full-scale cryptobank. Many companies have declared their desire to create such a project, but, in fact, no one has yet succeeded in successfully implementing this project.


In the world of hackers, scammers and individuals who seek to take advantage of the naivety of other people, it is important to have access to tools, data, analysis and information in order to be aware of current events occurring in everyday crypto-space. Information is power, with the right tools you are invincible. But collecting this information from various sources has proven to be a time consuming and time consuming task. The ideal solution would be to have an ecosystem that provides these tools to everyone, ranging from investors and ending with experts in the field of cryptocurrency or people who are just beginning to risk in the world of cryptocurrency on one giant platform, and this is where POINTPAY comes.

PointPay is starting to develop a universal cryptocurrency ecosystem that will provide customers with maximum convenience of access to all cryptocurrency-related services on a single platform. PointPay creates a fundamentally new product that combines three services in a single closed ecosystem: PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay multi-currency wallet. PointPay has business contacts with more than 50 banks and 25 payment systems, as well as with 20 lawyers who deal with licensing of cryptobusiness. PointPay has 4 years of experience supporting the functioning of payment systems, including signing contracts, working with banks, working with other payment systems, paying out money and creating complex payment schemes. PointPay is currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign to sell 500,000,000 PXP tokens in order to raise funds to develop full-featured versions of products.

The principle of the project PointPay

Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency. Convenient exchange interface and training materials on using the platform make trading easy for both beginners and experienced players. PointPay Cryptocurrency exchange

  • Cash payments
  • Trading tokenized assets (stocks, indices, commodities)
  • Daily cryptobank for PXP owners
  • Four-level referral system and referral exchange
  • Trading using borrowed funds (1:10)
  • Round-the-clock support

Benefits for investors

  • Increased investor confidence, because the exchange takes on reputational risks and evaluates the project for compliance with established standards;
  • Eliminate the so-called "gas wars" between Investors competing among themselves for the right to be the first to receive the cherished tokens during the sale of tokens at a more attractive price;

ICO main details

  • PXP = 0,1$
  • Soft Cap: 1 000 000$
  • Hard Cap: 30 000 000$
  • ICO: 22.04 - 01.09

Team PointPay

Project Development Plan

You can study this project by means of the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. Links which I have specially prepared for you.

Additional Information:

Website: https://pointpay.io

Whitepaper: https://cdn.pointpay.io/WhitePaper__en.pdf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5146099

Telegram: https://t.me/pointpay_talks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PointPay1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PointPayLtd

Author: JackBad5 (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2504843)

ETH wallet: 0x9C6002F93Cf0367aB6DEb4C09b69e5aB31b68142

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A project very well I hope it will change the technology in the world for the development of it.

25.07.2019 20:17

I recommend that everyone pay attention to this team. Very interesting project.

27.07.2019 11:21