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Currently, various industries are facing a shift from traditional systems in which most use paper in every process, and are turning into a paperless system, which in this case relies on technology using blockchain technology. It is believed that this technology will become the future base for various industries, one of which is financial. Soraix is ​​one of the projects that facilitates the transition from traditional to modern systems by converting real-world assets into digital assets.

Online crowdfunding is a new fundraising channel for startups and new projects. It features low entry restrictions, low fees, high speed, and thus encourages innovation. In recent years, mass financing of shares has undergone several changes, but some problems still remain unresolved in practice. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed accounting technology that provides protection, transparency and data integrity, as it cannot be tampered with or tampered with. It is believed that this technology has exceptionally good capabilities in the financial industry.

Principle of operation

Soraix is ​​a company registered in Switzerland. As you know, Switzerland leads the world in terms of security and regulation in all matters related to finance and crypto assets. Who else but Switzerland will provide you with the highest degree of protection. Soraix offers a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind income opportunity. The company offers its users to purchase tokens issued on the platform with a 1: 1 binding. To ensure balance, the number of tokens on shares available for trading according to the 1: 1 standard will be limited. How does this happen. For example, if a user has SRX tokens and their value, for example, is $ 1 per one token and he wants to purchase 10 tokens of shares traded on the platform, say $ 20 per share, then he will only need 10 SRX tokens to continue trading. That is, for $ 10 you are trading an asset for $ 200.

Some advantages and features of the Soraix project:

  • Pros and much more. Soraix platform will offer profitable transactions using borrowed funds. Margin trading is also present. In addition, swaps will be offered to advanced users. Well and later, the company will offer blockchain asset securitization.
  • Token offer service. One of Soraix’s unique features is the ability to offer various interested companies to raise funds through their platform by issuing their own tokens and subsequently selling them on the platform. All Soraix platform users can, at their request, purchase or exchange these tokens for Soraix tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Key ICO Details

SRX = 0,00025 ETH

Soft Cap: 4 500 000$

Hard Cap: 24 000 000$

ICO: 26.08 - 24.11

By the way, there is an attractive bonus for early investors. By purchasing the SRX token during the first two weeks there is a bonus plus 10% of the purchase amount. Buying tokens within 3 and 4 weeks, the bonus will be 5%.

Product developers

To keep abreast of the latest project news, you can visit the official website or subscribe to social networks:

Additional Information:

Website: https://www.soraix.com

Whitepaper: https://soraix.com/static/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5173505.0

Telegram: https://t.me/soraix_support

Twitter: https://twitter.com/soraix3

Facebook: https://facebook.com/soraixteam

Author: JackBad5 (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2504843)

ETH wallet: 0x9C6002F93Cf0367aB6DEb4C09b69e5aB31b68142

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