The beginning of the 21st century was marked by a jerk of online startups, gradually changing the whole range of food orders. Pizza, burger and Chinese eateries have sent a widespread idea of ​​home delivery, promoting it among consumers. With the advent of one-touch smartphones, the consumer has gained the convenience and the ability to choose from a wide range of restaurants, which in turn expands the online food delivery platform. Currently, the global sector of food orders and delivery amounts to $ 95.64 billion, which is only 1% of the total food market. Although it has matured in many countries, there are still a few demographic data that have not yet opened the door to this sector. This opens up huge opportunities for the growth of new startups.

Sesame tokens provide food delivery services based on customer requests through decentralized blockchain technology. As such, it has eliminated the need for third-party suppliers that are required by conventional means of supplying on-demand food services. Sesame Token aims to create a platform not only for customers to access instant food delivery, but also for restaurants and couriers to make direct transactions.

The main problems and their solutions:

  • It’s difficult to fill in a table or sell shipments on days and times with low traffic that may affect your final income.
  • Low cryptocurrency reception with several use cases that solve real problems.
  • Impossibility of ordering in certain restaurants because they are outside the delivery area.

Principle of operation

AllSesam Project Key Ideas

  • Transparency. Full transparency and accountability will be present on the platform. All participants in the supply chain will have complete information. It is possible to fully track the delivery of products. This will allow platform users to find the best suppliers and customers and will improve communication with each other.
  • Structure. The Sesam token project will include several basic functions, such as processing payments, initiating smart contracts, supporting digital identifiers and other functions that are necessary to conduct efficient and low-cost commercial transactions between system participants.
  • Technology. AllSesam token will provide a peer-to-peer network of interconnected nodes based on the Etherium blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the Sesam blockchain. This gives complete security and resists unauthorized data changes.

Here are the basic principles that AllSesam is guided by:

  • Transparency of activity and transparency of decision-making processes.
  • Willingness to cooperate with all interested people and organizations.
  • Fair payment to investors.
  • Fair conditions for partners and employees.

IEO Core Details

  • SST = 0,001$
  • Soft Cap: 1 500 000$
  • Hard Cap: 6 000 000$

The project team

You can learn more about the concept of the project and find answers to all your questions on official resources, which, as always, wait for you at the end of the article. Good luck!

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