AIGO - The E-Commerce Revolution

Hi crypto investors, tonight I would like to talk about a very interesting project: Aigo. AI-Payment is designed to directly transfer value between two parties, without the need to go through an intermediary (P2P). In the remainder of this article, I will explain in more detail the features of this fantastic project. Follow me!

That's why the AIGO project came about, the goal of which is to create a fully decentralized payment system. Blockchain technology is a big promise to change the payment industry. The problem described in the previous section can be solved with the help of the P2P core chain of payments network, which provides flexibility and scalability of payment cards on a decentralized platform. AIGO protocol can simplify transactions between buyers and sellers, eliminate intermediaries along the way, save large amounts of money for sellers and buyers, increase overall efficiency and reduce risks.

AIGO allows users to convert value from one form to another without having to go through traditional bank transfers and conversions. We conducted an in-depth study to get an idea of the market potential of the AI payment system, and then selected our partners before our official entry into the market. In addition to this, we recognize the importance of the economic structure on which any platform is built, so we are here with our own main crypto-coins, known as AIGOpay tokens.

AIGO working principle

For a cryptocurrency to be successful over time, it must be a key aspect of the ecosystem that it represents. The AI-Payment ecosystem will be fully built on the functionality of AIGOPay tokens. Our goal is to create the de jure and de facto standard. AI-payment for modern payments by adopting strong economic support for tokens.

We have carefully selected partners for launch with the ability to realize the potential of AI-Payment in the field of personal market skills. This market will allow people to expand opportunities, pay for services and disrupt the current revenue sharing model.

As part of the support system that will be developed to facilitate the adoption of AIGO tokens, we will merge applications as part of our wallets when only enterprises decided to use AI-Payment.

Our platform


The accounts panel is used to view account information and to connect a wallet to a wallet. A wallet is a user's private key. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction between paying bills and between bills. This interaction consists of PullRequests, approves transactions, shows the transaction history and displays the account balance.


The platform we implement is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). We will distribute an A-card that will help overcome the decision to withdraw fiat currency (Crypto Card Bank), as well as pay bills without the slightest commission.


The trading platform that supports AI-System is designed to allow users could buy goods without confirmation in the center, which happens instantly, without a significant delay in time. This is one of the AIGO platforms that has something unique from other e-commerce.


Initially, AIGO will be introduced on the Ethereum network, but intends to use other networks for development in the future. AIGO's solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that combine to create a flexible AI payment chain.

Key Token Sale details

  • AIGO = 0,004$
  • Soft Cap: 3 200 000$
  • Hard Cap: 42 000 000$
  • IEO: 23.07 - 31.08

Token distribution

  • 50%: pre-sale of AIGO and sale of IEO
  • 17%: reserved funds
  • 13%: founders and core team (1 year lock)
  • 10%: product development, product testing and beta testing
  • 5%: marketing costs for a partnership or market maker
  • 3%: distribution for consultants
  • 2%: community campaign (e.g. Airdrop and Bounty)

Распределение токенов

  • 50%: предварительная продажа AIGO и продажа IEO
  • 17%: зарезервированные средства
  • 13%: основатели и основная команда (блокировка 1 год)
  • 10%: разработка, тестирование продукта и бета-тестирование
  • 5%: маркетинговые затраты для партнерства или маркет-мейкера
  • 3%: распределение для консультантов
  • 2%: кампания сообщества (например, Airdrop и Bounty)

Product developers

Development plan

  • November 2018 - Startup Project Development, marketing research of the company.
  • December 2018 - Implementation of the project in accordance with the base of our company.
  • January 2019 - AIGO Tokens v1. 0 (ERC-20), blockchain research.
  • June 2019 - AIGO pre-sale and IEO sale, community campaign.
  • August 2019 - Testing the next generation blockchain, Testing A- Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome).
  • November 2019 - SDK III - provides integration with AI-Payment and third-party extension services, testing A-Store v1.0 (website).

You can still tell a lot about the project. To get acquainted in detail with all the nuances of the company, website, team, Whitepaper, roadmap, I will leave the necessary links below in the description. In conclusion, I want to say that this is a modern, innovative project that can make a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency sphere and bring profit to its investor in the near future.

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A good and promising ICO company, very good development schedule, attractive prices for tokens, as well as frequent reviews on the latest news in the group. I advise everyone.

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I like their work, and I want to say a huge thank you to them for the innovative idea that has attracted many people from all over the world.

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Thanks to this project,I can actualize my dreams and reach my heart desire which is my goal. I am happy to be a part of this project.This company looks very worthy and interesting.

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