What's going on here?

I know this sign is about AQI but it seems as though they kind of got a bit mixed up as far as their ranges are concerned. I've never seen ranges presented in this way before. Oh well, as they say, this is Thailand!


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yeah that is unusual. It actually makes it difficult to understand when they do the range right to left like that and just in case you were wondering it is not normal to do this in thailand. This is actually the first sign i have ever seen that was done that way.

I can't read the thai well enough to tell you exactly what is happening in the sign, but i think it has to do with the effects of an AQI over the course of 24 hours and since it is in Thailand, it is likely completely untrue and only meant to be propaganda or some sort of reassurance that air pollution isn't a big idea... which isn't true at all.

04.12.2019 17:37