The food you want if you are in Thailand

How would you feel if I told you that you could get a great lunch made to order for around a dollar? How about if I told you that it would be prepared in front of you and the people were happy to do it for that price? How about if it is delicious?

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you roast chicken with rice and spicy sauce (it's not that spicy.)

images (6).jpg

This is one of the few phrases I know in Thai and it is "cow-man'guy" and i don't know exactly what that means but it means for me that I am going to like it and it is going to cost damn near nothing to acquire.


That guy above was greeting me at the door and the main thing I liked about this place was the fact that there was already a lot of people there. This is a good sign anywhere in the world for any type of food.


There was nearly no table available to eat in but that was ok with me because i was going to get take-away anyhow. When i put my order in, it took about 2 minutes for me to get my $1 lunch.


This place near my house stays open until they sell out of food and that happens every single day by about 3pm. So get there early. I don't like many things about living in this country but i do like the fact that I can have something to eat for lunch that I like and it costs so little. I suppose this is one of the many benefits of traveling abroad because back in the USA the notion that you could get anything to eat at all for a dollar would be absurd.

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