Thailand PM extends all emergency executive orders until end of May

The Prime Minister of Thailand is a bit of a sketchy dude in the first place. Although coups are not even that rare in this country, we tend to forget that Prime Minister Prayut was not elected, he was a military official that took control of the country by force. In an "election" that drew the skepticism of the world, he held elections that kept him in power but the data was indicated mass voter fraud.

When the fraud was investigated (by the government) they unsurprisingly found no issue with it, even though some provinces were showing that more people voted in certain provinces than actually live there or are registered to vote there.

This was all quietly swept under the rug though, since any sort of journalism that is critical to the government simply gets shut down by the government. It's all a bit scary when you stop to think about how authoritarian it actually is here.


Like most places in the world, there is some level of unease about the government enforced shutdowns of nearly all industry. This is made worse in countries like this one where there is a massive division between the rich and poor. Obviously the billionaires are going to be fine, but in the meantime the common man was always getting by on less than $300 a month - a salary that has since been reduced to zero.

Massive layoffs and widespread poverty saw an uptick in suicides and people are "breaking laws" such as having a tiny amount of drugs on them and then intentionally turning themselves in for the hope that they will get put in prison and therefore have something to eat.

Various venues giving away food to the poor are being shut down for social distancing reasons and there doesn't seem to be an answer on the part of the government. The people were starting to look forward to some easing of the restrictions that was meant to be announced today, on May 1st.

The General who became Prime Minister by force simply stated that all emergency orders will be extended until the end of May - to almost no fanfare. There was a collective "groan" that occurred all at once this morning.


Not only are most stores closed and people are restricted to their homes, but in many communities travel to and from the sub districts are not allowed, people are being forbidden to travel for any reason. Alcohol sales were banned, and people are basically being made prisoners in their own communities.

and as always, this doesn't seem to apply to the wealthy, who go on about their daily lives and almost certainly do not have the same issue with traveling from place to place.

Thailand is no stranger to civil unrest and I am actually surprised at the fact that there has been no higher level of protest or rioting at this point. I suspect this month-long extension of most activities might see some communities lose their cool. There is no doubt that the government has a tough job right now, but to issue a blanket month-long extension to these rules in a "one size fits all" way, is certainly going to anger the more than 70 million people in this country.

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