Dumb Laws in America

There are likely dumb laws everywhere and these ones are probably not enforced because well, I don't know how a great many of them possibly could be enforced. That doesn't change the fact that they exist though and at least for me, i find them very funny.


  • In Connecticut it is illegal for a barber to hum a tune while cutting your hair
  • In Delaware alcohol can not be served in places where there is also dancing (this puts a serious damper on the nightclub scene in Wilmington!)
  • In Georgia it is a punishable offense to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday

  • In Kentucky you are not allowed to paint baby ducks blue and sell them unless you are selling more than 6 of them at a time
  • In Maryland it is illegal to use foul language while driving (I have personally broken this law many times while driving in Maryland)
  • In New Hampshire it is illegal to collect seaweed at night
  • Not to be outdone by Delaware, North Dakota has made it a jailable offense if i person dares to dance while wearing a hat. You can also be charged simply by attending an event with dancing while wearing a hat
    sourceThe recent raid of a Fargo annual barn dance resulted in 48 arrests
  • In Rhode Island it is a massive offense if you ever bite off another persons limbs (certainly this offense is covered already under other existing laws?)
  • And the last one, which is probably my favorite states that in California it is illegal for animals to mate within 1500 feet of a place of worship.

    sourceBut i didn't know the law existed! Tell it to the judge son!

I am certain that none of these are actually enforced, but the fact that they ever existed in the first place is a good case for why I think that most politicians are complete morons.

Hope you found it funny!

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I didn't believe you when i read some of these so I looked them up and you are actually telling the truth here. lol. Yeah, these are completely absurd for sure. Just a piece of advice and I don't mean this is a patronizing manor. You may wish to center your images in the future and if you do wish to do so you can do it quite easily by typing this < center > either the URL of the image at the source or drag and drop the image here < /center > Do not leave spaces inside the brackets < > ... I only did so because otherwise they would not appear in that instruction. There are many guides to the various HTML codes you can use such as this one [here](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@vitkolesnik/how-to-make-your-steemit-posts-look-beautiful-a-quick-guide) or you could always just start using Steempeak as your default interface, which is something I recommend because it is just better than the default Steemit interface in general. Overall, it was a good post, and I laughed a lot. I am not following you and hope you post more in the future.
17.11.2019 15:51

Something I really would like is a video of someone breaking these laws and another person demanding the police to enforce them. Specially the ice cream one.

20.11.2019 14:47

the look of "huh?" on the cops face when someoen makes a citizens' arrest on another person because of an ice cream cone in their pocket. Only to discover that it was just a misunderstanding because it was Tuesday and therefore the law doesn't apply.

21.11.2019 04:52