Chiang Mai street art

My virtual friend @gabe.radke was posting some Vietnam street art and I was being a little bit mean when I said that the stuff he was finding was very amateurish and honestly, not very good. I didn't meant to sound condescending buddy - hope I didn't offend :)

But here are some shots that I found in "Old Town" here in Chiang Mai. Most of them appear to be made by "Yap" or "Mauy" - not that this means anything to anyone and this artist almost certainly had permission to do all of them because they are far too detailed and nice to have been done under cover of darkness while avoiding the police and / or land owners.


The level of detail and color use in these are so good in-fact that I don't think they are entirely spray. Of course I don't know much about how any of that is accomplished anyway so who knows. It is quite good work regardless.


here the same guy (or girl, or team) are again, very close to the first one. It is all contained down the alleyways in the tourist area of "Old Town" and is very easy to find for anyone who is just visiting the area. It makes, getting lost down the backstreets a lot more interesting when you quickly realize that you might just be a few steps away from some amazing art as you search or an out of the way restaurant.


This next one wasn't marked by the artist but is on a retaining wall of a temple. You better believe that the artist had permission to do this and likely had a monk standing by them while it was being done because Thais take Buddhism very seriously and any sort of vandalism of a spiritual building would not just be frowned upon but the guy would probably be hospitalized in the process.

So there you have it @gabe.radke ! Your turn!

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that is all actually really good. even though i know @jack.russelle i haven't seen much that really impressed me on his end. Of course, since neither one of you actually make any of this it is just a question of discovery, not talent :P

20.05.2020 15:19

well that much is true. If i were to try my hand at doing this myself it would easily be worse than any of the crud that gabe (or probably anyone else) has posted.

20.05.2020 17:12