Abandoned swimming club in Thailand

A lot of gated communities start out wonderful and then eventually deteriorate over time and then they end up not being gated anymore and the common grounds are no longer maintained. That is the case with the neighborhood that I live in. Don't get me wrong, the place is still nice, but there are certain aspects of it that are just sad to witness now.

The old swimming pool and restaurant area is one of them as it looks like it had real potential back in the day.

The main entrance, it isn't even locked

hallway leading to the outdoor pool area
Pool complete with shade area. Thais generally wont visit a water feature unless they can be in the shade. There are not very many Thais that are at all interested in having a tan.
just another angle of the same thing. Tragic isnt' it?
I'm quite impressed with the design actually

There is a sign outside that indicates the place is for sale but I can't really imagine anyone taking it on. I spoke to a few people that have lived in the neighborhood for a while and they said it only cost 20 Baht (around 70 cents) to visit the pool and the restaurants was not very popular.

I know from experience that maintaining a pool is very expensive so i guess the owners found out the hard way that you need to make a lot more money than the village is likely willing to pay in order to maintain a property of this magnitude. It's pretty tragic, but economics run the world and this place is likely to remain abandoned until someone tears it down for the value of the land or turns it into a private residence.

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