A bird moved into my bathroom - kinda

So today I was cleaning the bathroom and was getting high up on the tiled walls when I noticed something moving on one of the small windows we have in there. There is a very quiet bird that has built a next in the windowsill


I would like it if this was something exotic but with my luck its probably just a pigeon who is now going to set up shop with all of his pals and make a real wreck out of the place and also make noise all day long.

Although she is definitely nervous when you get near her, she doesn't leave her post and I am not going to try to make her do so. I recall when i was younger there was a cartoon that claimed that pigeons are actual robot spies and that is why you never see any baby ones.

If this is, in fact a pigeon, I may be able to dispel that myth once and for all!


I can't tell from the photos but my "pigeon" actually appears to be much smaller than one from google. Who knows, I guess it doesn't really matter. It will be interesting to me to see the babies regardless.

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