Introducing myself to TravelFeed: Al Kautsar

Hello my friends

This is my first post on the travelfeed platform. io I know this platform, when I'm looking for reading material in the Google search engine. I found this website. After I opened it I was interested to join here.  My name is Kautsar, I come from Aceh, I have a hobby about photography, travel and so on.

1\. What are the features of Travel Writer?

Traver writer is a dream job that makes others jealous. Because a travel writer avoids being bored: sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Struggling with the shackles of a routine.

Here are the reasons why you should become a travel writer:

You become a better and smarter traveler, because before traveling you must research, gooling, reading maps, supporting book literature, and so on

When traveling, you pay more attention to what you see, experience, feel. The experience of traveling becomes a rich man.

Have the privilege of seeing secret places that ordinary people cannot enjoy. For example: How to make unyil bread, or "behind the scene" a product.

Travel writers are a fun profession.

Travel themes that are isa written unlimited number. More and more media are writing about traveling and you will never lose an order. The other side of a travel writer is: culinary tourism, religious tourism, hotel reviews, product reviews, book reviews, and so on. If you have interest in many things.

Can earn a lot of income, if you know managing text, photos, and aspects of traveling.

Many parties who want to work together or are promoted by travel writers. Tourism boards, airlines, hotels, resorts, spas, kages, clubs, restaurants, hand entrepreneurs, gadget manufacturers, food and beverage producers, and so on.  Alright, so my first post here. I hope you can help me in writing about my trip, to be honest, I still don't understand writing. Because so far I only took pictures of my trip. Hopefully this platform can help me in writing the story of my tour.

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Welcome on Steemit/Travelfeed :))

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I love travel.

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