WINNERS🏆Drawing With a Twist🏹🎨 Bow and paint brush

Hey everyone!

The winners have been decided. I apologize for my late post.
The entries are all appreciated! They're creative and I enjoyed seeing the different entries and how they would be expressed. Everyone followed instructions and wrote well too with WIP photos. And, so...

In no particular order...

Top 3 Art by @Sarau


Thank you so much for joining. I love the splashes of color and the Hawk eye pose, I like Marvel. The way brown and blue contrasts yet compliments each other is just so pleasing to the eyes. And the warm bright colors behind [me] okay this feels weird to be describing myself. The bow as well looks so awesome, congratulations top 3. 🏹🥉

Top 2 Art by @Thilah


Excellent digital art! I love the anime theme, and it glows! Its so cute and feminine. Definitely praiseworthy work. My favorite part is the blush, play with lights and the necklace with the ring flying! The ribbon too looks awesome. Thank you so much and thank you for joining. I love this! Congratulations! 🏹🥈

Top 1 @melooo128

8SzwQc8j2KJZo6c43w4Bg9ysSuq4sua46yAeUgxyy3WnRJ2vSgsYa6T5u6atpBWgNyzkP979KTWyLn1mbNE2GqwjtsxAR5JJkzU2NqjXUayqWs6aFGJ (1).jpeg

Congratulations! You win! Thank you for this awesome artwork. The details, color, proportion, the scene, the feel of it definitely harmonizes altogether. The portrayal of art and archery and me is very clear and has a very fun vibe. Great work! Keep it up and I hope you all continue with your progress in the ahe arts.🏹🥇🎯


The original prize is 0.2 each wasn't it? Since so few joined, I'll divide the consolation prize pool of 2 steem to all entries. You guys will be getting more.
Congratulations! And thank you so much for participating.







Wonderful works everyone!

Prizes will be sent shortly

Have a great day, God bless you!

Thank you so much! 🏹🙏

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prizes sent!

20.07.2019 12:00

Ahh thank you for choosing mine as the top 2~ Congrats to Melo for first place! Great job to the other participants too!

20.07.2019 15:16

Thank you and your welcome ♥️🥳👑🥳♥️♥️🥳♥️♥️ have a happy day

20.07.2019 15:44

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21.07.2019 23:36

Very nice contest ! A lot of great entries and well done to all that participated !!!

Great picks for the winners, too !!!

22.07.2019 01:48

Yayyyy thanks :D

22.07.2019 16:22

Yayyyy thanks :D

25.07.2019 10:40

Better late than never 😛

Thank you very much for the contest @jacinta.sevilla!
A big hug! 🤗🤗🤗
Honored to see you're using my art as your profile picture :3 <3
Again thank you!

08.08.2019 23:23