What Am I Doing?

I'm playing in paint ! Slopping some here..... and there.


I love wet paint. Lots of times it looks better while it is wet than it does when it dries.... .well.... in this kind of painting anyway. :)


You start one way, you have an idea, then the paint does whatever it wants. I obviously am not the master of it.

Still..... its fun to play in it.


I'm not done yet, but this part needs to dry before I can go further. Sometimes a piece looks like it could be on a decent path and then the next round.... well.... can send it south.


You never know till you try though..... right?

Here I am playing when I should be going to see my Mom..... or to the grocery store..... or one of at least 50 other things that is screaming at me to do them. It's hard to block all that screaming out.....but sometimes I just paint through it anyway. I wonder if that comes out in my paintings.

Oh well ! Hope you are all having a very pleasant Sunday.

Love you !


splish splash I am making a mess

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I like it!

07.07.2019 20:43

Thank you !

07.07.2019 21:11

You're welcome!

08.07.2019 07:28

Is boldart your name or a description of the art you like to do...bold?

08.07.2019 11:50

I wish it was my name, but alas, it is an alias. A total creation of my imagination. :)

It fits though.... right?

08.07.2019 22:51

It does fit especially with this post. Bold colors and design and the healthy
bold right you take with your time. Good for you...feed the sole.

09.07.2019 15:54

Always interesting what one can see in these type of paintings!

12.07.2019 20:10

yep.... whatever our minds can conjure up from the colors and shapes.

13.07.2019 02:06