Wednesday Walk.... Down at the Depot


This morning I went to downtown Burlington to the old depot. Thought I'd show you a couple of statue thingys that are down there.

Now don't forget..... 2 hour parking or you may get a ticket ! :)


I parked about a block away as I had a little business in another store there to tend too.


Like lots of other small cities, they are trying to revitalize the old downtown with neat places to eat, art and fun little stores.


The old depot is in the center of town. Actually, it was moved a little as the main street use to go right across where it is sitting now.


There are some neat commemorative statues associated with the railroad.


A little closer....


.... and CLOSER !

All of the sudden that song is running through my head and making me laugh "Iiii've been working on the raaaailroad, ALL the live long dayyyyyy...... :)


People traveling, coming from everywhere !!


...and the workers..... all kinds.


Train wheels and grist mills..... textiles.... we had it all !


They preserved the old depot. Now it is a museum, but I'm not taking you in the.


....and another. :)


To one side of the front now there is an amphitheater where on the weekends there is live music and sometimes outdoor plays.


You want a tour of the restored caboose? You will need an appointment for that !


A couple more caboose photos....





I'm funny !.... right ??? :)

I made this post for #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay

It was a fun walk. Let's do it again later.

Hope you are all having a pleasant day.

Love you !

## Jacey

### choo chooooooooo

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This was such a fun post to read, and don't worry I have had those things appear in my post and not been able to get rid of them, not that I noticed them of course ;)
Not only was it funt o read, but such cool sights you shared with us

but now I have that song inmy head lOL

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

25.09.2019 23:25

I have had part of the code show before, but each time when I went back it was obvious what part of it wasn't right and I fixed it. This time I did look, but couldn't find it and wasn't in the mood to hunt it longer.

Thanks ! It was fun to take the photos and it was fun to be outside on my happy day off.

Sorry about the song..... ok.... not TOO sorry ! If I had to hear it, so did you. LOLOLOL !!

25.09.2019 23:48

ITs Ok about the song its not a bad one and kind of fun :)
I havent been outside much for the last few days and its driving me nuts but tomorrow I will be out and about ;)Posted with

26.09.2019 00:05

Ok... the code got on my last nerve, so since I had a break for a few, I went back in and fixed it. LOL !! Jeepers !!!!

26.09.2019 00:15

LOL I had a feeling you would go back and work it out ;) Posted with

26.09.2019 01:02

Yeah..... after I got away from it for a while, it was more obvious when I went back. At first it looked like it was over the photos (on my side)..... but later when I went back over the blog, it was to the left making my photos lopsided...... and we just couldn't have that ! ha ha

26.09.2019 01:09

I am the same and sometimes taking a break and going back later its so much easier to find what the issue is Posted with

26.09.2019 01:15
@miti curation project.png
26.09.2019 06:25

Oh ! Thank you SO much ! 💛

26.09.2019 22:20

It's a pleasure! ;-)

27.09.2019 19:38

I found this post thanks to @miti-blog work, and his Curation Project: Undervalued Deserving Contents. Your work deserves way better, I'm happy to give you my upvote. Cheers, Nicola @knfitaly


Coltellinaio per passione e non solo...

Trentino - Italy

26.09.2019 22:10

@knfitaly Thank You ! This is very kind of you. ✨

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27.09.2019 02:48

Oh Wow ! I certainly do appreciate this !

Thanks bunches !

27.09.2019 22:52

HaHa! I was thinking of that song too. What a quaint town and I really like the statues. Thanks for this fun walk Jacey! Darn! I just got a ticket. LOL!

27.09.2019 05:57

Oh No.... I didn't mean to keep you walking so long you got a ticket ! ha ha... I'll go half on whatever it costs. hmmmm wonder what parking tickets are going for these days. I'm glad I don't know !

Thanks for stopping over !

27.09.2019 22:53

HaHa! I don't know how much parking tickets are either and I am also glad that I don't know. : )

28.09.2019 04:25

Nice statues and looks like a pretty cool town 👍

27.09.2019 16:31

Thanks !

It has a nice share of railroading history. Now there is a more modern depot on the other side of the tracks for when Amtrak trains come through.

27.09.2019 22:55

Everything has got to move forward got to keep up with today's demands 👍

28.09.2019 04:04

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27.09.2019 18:06

Thank You ever so much !

27.09.2019 22:55

Thank you !

28.09.2019 02:02