Waiting..... Waiting.... What Was She Waiting For?

All summer this bird has been sitting on the wire in front of my house. At the first of summer, I thought it was a mocking bird as I thought it sang to me all of it's mocking songs as I came out to go to work. I assumed.


Later in the summer, as I readied for work inside, I would hear the gentle cooing of a Mourning Dove. It always makes me smile inside to hear it.


About a week or a little more ago, as I entered my carport, I was greeted with a flutter of bird wings as she flew out from the shelves that are along the wall of the house there. It was raining and I thought she had been there for some dry shelter, but as a few days went by, she flew each time I went out there. Odd.....


So one day when I got home from work, I went over to the shelves to see if I could see what she had been up too in the area that she seemed to always flee from. The shelves have mostly flower pots, stray yard art items and a few gardening hand tools. (yes... the house wall needs a bit of power washing, don't look at that) :)


There in a little flower pot I found what she had been up too, her little flat twig nest and two eggs ! It is so too late in the season for eggs, isn't it? I keep wondering if they will hatch and if so will she be able to keep them alive till they can fly? Will they be old enough to survive when the weather turns cool? I wonder about all of these things


I'm guessing it's been her up on the wire in early spring instead of the mocking bird I was hearing as there is no way a mocking bird would have been moved from it's perching place by a gentle dove. The mocking bird must have been in a close by tree at the time..... and I assumed.

It's Saturday and a nice 3 day holiday weekend. How will I spend it? I don't know ! I will be making it up as I go along..... pretty much like always. :)

Hope you are doing well.

Love ya !


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Hehe! Reminds me of the dove that made a nest on my porch in my flower basket, remember?

ou will be amazed at how short a time it takes from hatching to fledging! I thought she threw them out of the nest, but, noooo! They are that quick!

Would it surprise you to know that they lay two eggs, which are incubated for about two weeks and then they fledge less than two weeks later! Some have 5-6 sets of offspring a season!

Holy Guacamole!


31.08.2019 23:18

Well !! I didn't know that, but I'm glad to hear it. I now have hope that she will have the ready to face the winter when it gets here. She has not been nesting there all summer and now I am wondering if they normally nest at the same place or change it up each time they lay eggs. I am not so fond of birds in my carport for the obvious reason, poop on my car ! But this time, I'll let it go. Don't know how safe they are there, only about 5 foot off the ground.

The eggs are rather large for a bird it seems. OUCH !! :)

I found one of her nests last year and I was amazed how flat it was. Not deep at all and last year it was on an open ledge. It least in this flower pot, nothing can roll away or fall out till they get ready.

I wonder if they taste good.

31.08.2019 23:55

Tastes like chicken.

They always have twig nests and lose a lot of babies. They ste terrible parents. Even having two twigs a a windowsill. Sometimes they use the same mest, sometimes not. I stuck a plant in mine after the fledging.

Sorry Charlie. Bird poop on my por ch? No bueno.Good luck with your new family!!

01.09.2019 01:04

Bad parents? Who knew? Not me !

We'll see if I regret my decision this time and if I do, next time.... .well...... you know.

01.09.2019 13:53
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Thank ya ! Again !!

31.08.2019 23:55