The White Christmas Tree....

All my years, I had green Christmas Trees. Real or fake, they were green. I changed up the lights sometimes, multi-color or white and even one time alternated white and red in stripes down the tree. :)


The year my brother passed (this is not a sad story, just part of the story), I had left my tree up till he left us in May, because he left his Christmas stuff up till the end too. I was only going to take mine down if he did before he passed. After he was gone I eventually took mine down....and donated it to charity.

We both loved Christmas SO much and I wasn't about to not celebrate big because he was no longer here, but I felt a need to change it up.... and boy did I !!

I bought this white pre-lit tree. Never thought I wanted a white tree, but that year (and the year after), this is how it was. I thought it turned out very pretty with the red bead garland and my treasured glass ornaments.


I even thought it was pretty when the lights were not on. So far from traditional, but still a beautiful site.


With the white lights and white tree as background, the ornaments really stood out.

elf orn.jpg

Everything showed up wonderfully against it.


One of my vintage favs. :)


An Old World stocking.


I have a gazillion glass ornaments. Some quite old and some new, like this Santa Cookie.

santa cookie orn3.jpg

This sweet rocking horse is somewhere in-between, maybe only 10'ish years old.


The fairy was new that year. I never heard of a Christmas Fairy, but thought she was really cute with her red and white striped stockings.


Everyone has a Frog Prince on their tree.... right? :)


...and the traditional Sock Monkey. ok.. ok .... not traditional, this one was new that year too. Isn't he adorable hanging there with his little candy cane in his hand?

sock monkey orn2.jpg

Nearly last, but certainly not least, is the Santa with his cup of milk and eating a Christmas Cookie. He's prettier than this photo makes him look, I promise.


I've haven't done hardly anything today. Still nursing this head cold, but still content to be all snuggly warm in my happy little house and anticipating the coming celebrations.

During this past year, I donated this white tree to charity because I bought two vintage aluminum trees last year. From one bizarre change to another ! So fun !! I plan to show you one of them soon. :)

Hope you are all having a happy day.

Love you bunches !



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Ahhh we both have a penchant for random glass ornaments. Lovely! It’s fun to mix things up sometimes. My mom always wanted a white tree.
She used to get ours flocked when I was a kiddo, but she hasn’t had full white.... yet. 😃

21.12.2019 23:39

I think it's time !

I adore glass ornaments. I love the older ones and the new ones. Some of the companies have really gotten creative with their new designs and have some reall fun ones.

I like the way the white tree dressed out and if I had a big enough house to have multiple full sized trees, I'd probably consider getting another. It is not my norm to trade out before I've had a tree for a very long time, but ! ....there it is ! Who knows what will happen next?.... :)

22.12.2019 00:25

The ornament colors really stood out from the white tree. I cant wait to see the vintage ones!

22.12.2019 01:55

They did !.... which was great, because I couldn't believe I was buying a white tree to begin with and was wondering if I would hate it once up. Happily, it turned out ok.

22.12.2019 04:26

I to have always used a Green tree mostly a fake one these days, but seeing your white one I must admit it looks great and would consider getting one as you say the ornaments do really stand out, and speaking or ornaments you have such beautiful ones

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

22.12.2019 11:29

Thank you !

I was pleasantly surprised about how it came out and that I really liked it. I am not saying I will never have green again, but having alternatives, at least for a while, has turned out fun.

Merry Christmas !

22.12.2019 14:45
22.12.2019 19:02

Maybe I would have some of every kind, if only I had a good place to store it all... ha

22.12.2019 19:11

I do live the white tree and as you know, random glass ornaments are my favourite!!

And Yes! Doesn't everyone have a frog prince on their tree??

I do live the white!


24.12.2019 04:47

I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. My main concern once I ordered it was that I would have regrets once it was up that I didn't have my traditional green. Fortunately I liked it, not better, but it was pretty enough to make me ok with it.... .for two years....LOL....and now as you know, the vintage aluminum. It's so pretty all sparkling and rotating slowly with it's red and green ornaments. :)

I have lots of things now that were not traditional to my childhood trees, but OH!.... how beautiful each one of them were.

24.12.2019 05:17
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Thanks again ! I have gotten so many tips from you tonight I feel like I should be serving you some food !! LOL !!

24.12.2019 05:18