The Odd And The Restless.... :)

Being normal is a bit overrated.... don't you think?


Today I went to visit my Mom out in the country. It was SO unseasonable warm. I'm not complaining really, but 71 in the not so dead of winter is a little koo koo for here.

So I strolled around the estate for a while and took photos, some normal, some not so much.

Take this one for instance. The BACK of a birdhouse?? ha ha... I showed you the front before. I thought you might like to see the back now.


A lonely swing....


.... and the trellis it is hanging from with a crispy clematis vine showing off it's winter art.


The whirligig garden...


A mossy stick in the leaves. I somehow never get tired of seeing moss on things.


If my stepfather was his former self, these would have long been kindling for the fire pit.


The nearly empty bird bath with a little boy holding a rabbit. We had lots of rain yesterday. I could not figure out why it wasn't full today.


A nice mossy stump. The leaves were kind of crunchie, but the ground was still soaked from recent rain.


I love the leftover ghosts of hydrangea flowers.


It was also holding up one side of a spider web.


It hit me after I got home, that instead of taking funky photos, I should have been helping take down Christmas lights... D'oh !

It is not hard to do, but I probably won't be out there again for two weeks, because I am working some mandatory overtime this coming week. YUCK !!!



Ok... that's about it for now. Time to wash my hair and then be lazy till bedtime. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love you !


ok... ok... one normal photo. The sky was SO blue and the clouds were SO white. Lovely day I tell you.... lovely day.


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Well I should say it is lovely! We have ice and 30 degress. Dont guess ya wanna trade, do ya??

BTW my all my lights are still up and ON!!!! LOL

13.01.2020 02:59

Ummm... no... no trades. Maybe next summer when it is snowing here and sunny there I will reconsider.

I took my silver pencil tree down in my bedroom, but my main tree is still up and all the doodads are still out. I have not turned on the outside lights since Thursday night though, they only get to stay on outside through my birthday.

13.01.2020 03:05

Definitely lovely for the middle of January. Glad you were able to be out enjoying before you have to work extra hours!

17.01.2020 04:41

Howdy jacey.boldart! Really nice selection of random photos here, my favorite are the horse shoes though! Whereabouts you located? It was 71 here a couple weeks ago too, in Texas.

24.01.2020 18:25