The Falling Leaves..... Drift Past My Window


It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I had just put the coffee on and was looking out of my kitchen window. Now I made my first vid ever on Steem !. Just a few seconds of the wind blowing through the trees in my backyard and some of the leaves falling. For some reason I love watching this happen.

The wind, undressing my trees for the winter. Doesn't something seem a little backwards about that? :)

Now, the picture below is out of the same window, but I wanted to show you something I find funny about this house I live in. See the bottom of the clear globe at the top of the photo? That is a light over my kitchen sink, but......


It is hanging from the ceiling and through a hole cut out in the top of the soffit. LOLOLOL !! (This was the best photo I could get with the bright light coming in the window behind the globe)

4 before 2.jpg

See from underneath ??

through the soffett.jpg

I've always wondered if originally there were plans for a closed soffit, but later that didn't happen, so if there was going to be a light over the sink, it had to hang from the ceiling and come out below. Heaven forbid they run the wiring out of the wall under the soffit and hook a light underneath it.

The good thing about leaving the soffit open though, is that I get to put a lot of colorful glass across the top to help liven up this small drab kitchen.


Funny huh?

Heading out to Moms to help her hang a few lights. She wants them up to greet the family for Thanksgiving. It's a blustery day for sure, but 52 degrees and sunny. We'll see how that goes. :)

Hope you are all doing well and having a happy weekend.

Love you to pieces !

## jacey

A few more seconds of falling leaves. :) with Alexa telling the weather in the background ha ha

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Hello jacey.boldart!

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24.11.2019 17:00

Thank you SO much !

24.11.2019 17:19

First, before I get to my "real" comment, I want to do this... 😊

@tipu curate

24.11.2019 19:35
24.11.2019 19:35

Thank you every so much !

24.11.2019 23:50

Now for the real deal...LOL!

Nice little pair of videos, @jacey.boldart! They give a good sense of how blustery it is out (and I grinned when I heard Siri in the background talking about the weather). I feel much the same about watching the falling leaves (one of the reasons I love living in New England), and yeah - a bit counterintuitive of Mother Nature to undress the trees for winter... 😂

When I first started doing videos like this for my posts, I went looking for a way to remove the audio track (since no one wants to hear the dulcet tones of the my sniffling when I'm recording the leaves I found this free and simple way to do it (and I haven't encountered any spyware from the site, which is a bonus!), and thought I'd drop the link here in case you ever want to check it out -

Love all the color atop your cabinets, and that's too funny about the way the lamp was hung. I used to keep part of my blue glass collection on mine, but our kitchen is a bit more eclectic and long story short (too late) I ended up moving them. Totally adore the way your kitchen looks. 😊

Hope you enjoy your day with your mom, and if I don't catch you before, Happy Thanksgiving!

24.11.2019 20:28

Hi !

.... and thanks ! I took these vids on my phone. I thought they lost a little clarity after I downloaded to you tube. They are a little small here I'm thinking. You would know I asked Alexa a question right before the video causing me to record her answer.... duh me....LOL I love that thing though. So much fun.

I guess we are going to have to start knitting some tree sweaters.

Thank you for the link and advice. I have made mulitple vids that I thought were ruined by the background sounds. On replay of course I can turn the sound down, but that is not really great for sharing. Although I didn't think it came through here bad, when listening to the first video before posting, I could hear the ticking of my kitchen clock. Always something !

I do love colorful glass..... and that light fixture ! Have you ever ???

We had a good time at Mom's and got her outside Christmas lights up. It was dusk when I left and they were looking really pretty.

Thanks again for your most wonderful comment. Happy Thanksgiving !

24.11.2019 23:30