Yesterday I visited a shop I had never been in before. I took this photo outside their front window. Later when I got home and pulled it up on my computer, I loved all the overlapping reflections.

I know everyone sees things differently, the "eye of the beholder" and all of that, but I loved this so good I decided it needed a post all it's own.

Not only that, my cousin is having a huge yard sale and I am heading out to that . LOL !! More later.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday..... or whatever day it is where you are.

Luv ya !


somebody hide my money !

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Kind of like a kaleidoscope of colors!

22.09.2019 08:08

Yes !

I can see that kaleidoscope effect now that you mention it.

22.09.2019 12:23

I to love all the colors and cool reflections make ones eyes rove all over the image

22.09.2019 12:26

Thanks !

I thought you might like it, since you take and share some really neat "reflection" photos yourself. :)

22.09.2019 15:06

Most welcome and yes I do love reflections :) Posted with

22.09.2019 17:24