Pizza Balls ! ........


About 4 years ago, the company I work for moved our billing operations 20 miles down the highway from where we use to be. The building they rented is pretty big and has the facilities to have a real cafeteria in it, all the equipment and everything, however, our company did not opt to use it. They opted for a bank of machines that was "supposed" to have fresh sandwiches made daily ( that is how it was "sold" to us)...... and it would be real nice. As you can imagine, that wasn't anything more than some machines and shelves of chips and candies and one machine of sandwiches that are NOT made and changed out daily.

Take a moment of silence to imagine how 800+ employees felt when that was realized.


Not only that, we are on a service road where you would have to go back to the highway and cross it before you would find any fast food options. So... after much whining and complaining and general bad mouthing of the situation, they finally started pursuing the option of food trucks. I didn't really mean to tell this part of the story, but there you have it.

Actually, it didn't matter that much to me personally, because I am in the habit of taking my lunch to work. It's easy and it's cheaper, however, through the last four years I have tried a thing or two off of some of the trucks and have found some hits and misses.

My favorite hit has turned out to be this truck named " Home Slice Pizza Truck" I never had their pizza, but others say it is good. I do however LOVE their Pizza Balls.

1 truck.jpg

They are pizza crusts outside, filled with mozzarella and pepperoni and they are FRIED ! ... and of course served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping.

2 upclose with marinara.jpg

The photos make them look a little smaller than they are I think, but OMGoodness ! They are really delicious. The cheese is all melty and the crusts are crispy on the outside and there just really isn't anything about them not to like.

3 upclose after bite.jpg

That's what I had for lunch today and it made me all happy, inside and out.

Now it's supper time and I don't seem to be too hungry. Wonder why?? :)

Tomorrow is our 4th of July holiday, so I will be off of work whilst being paid for it. Yay !!

What did YOU have for lunch? Whatever it was, I hope it was good.

Love ya !



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Deep fried pizza, yes please!!!

05.07.2019 02:59

Hard to go wrong with that.... right ?


05.07.2019 22:41