Photo Of The Day.....

Do you ever take a photo and there is just something that you love about it, even though you know it's not a pulitzer?

On the way home I stopped at the garden market and snapped some more pumpkins and things. Going through them when I got home, I found this one and loved it's fun little pumpkins in the background, through the purple spiked flowers that I don't know the name of. :)

photo of the day.jpg

Then I got in my cushie chair in the living room, ate and fell asleep like old people ! LOL !! Now it is bedtime and I just woke up, so I thought I would share this photo with you before I brush my teeth and go jump in my bed.

I hope you have had a very good day and that tomorrow will hold some happy delights for you as well.

Love you !


yawwwwwnnnnn.... nitey nite

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Loveliness! Have a good night's sleep!

18.10.2019 04:18

Thanks !

I did...... and just this fast..... it's morning again ! Seems like it hasn't been 10 minutes ! I should be rested though, with the extra sleep I got before bedtime. ha ha

18.10.2019 10:00

I do rather enjoy those unplanned old people naps! Hope your day goes well!

18.10.2019 19:27

Great shot!

18.10.2019 07:08

Thanks !

18.10.2019 09:57

You're welcome!

18.10.2019 20:26

That is such a lovely shot I hope you got a good nights sleep

18.10.2019 10:04

Thank you !..... and I did !!

Now I am up again and about to get ready for work ! Those sleeping hours went WAY too fast.

18.10.2019 10:06

Ohh yes nights and weekends always seem so short lOL

Have a good day and weekend ;)

Cheers and !BEERPosted with

18.10.2019 10:20

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Hey @jacey.boldart, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

18.10.2019 10:20

You fall asleep in your chair OMG!

Yeah that nice fall light!

18.10.2019 14:44

I did !

I love how it feels when I'm happily drifting off. Who knew it would be more than a cat nap ?!

21.10.2019 00:03

I can see why you would like this photo (I have had the same feeling about a few photos that look like they have no redeeming value to the public but for some reason I like them. I may have to be brave enough to put one up sometime and just say it like you did.)
It's not normal to see fall orange pumplins through a curtain of bright spring looking flowers.

20.10.2019 23:54

I think you should !

I'm sure part of it is the colors.... the purple shades and bright orange. Color makes my brain spark !

21.10.2019 00:05