Painted Trees and Whimsical Ornaments

trees 1.jpg

In 2012, I decided I wanted to make most of the things I decorated with. (Above and the next 3 photos are from this year)

trees on piano.jpg

At the time, I had not been painting a lot. Sure, I had craft paints and things along with lots of other crafty things, but I had not focused on painting.

trees left side closer.jpg

The idea was to make 6 different paintings of Christmas trees, all very different from each other. They were not meant to be masterpieces (good thing huh? LOL)... but very different to hang in a grouping.

trees right side closer.jpg

(The below three photos were taken in 2012) The grouping itself was the focus, not the quality persay of each painting.

old photo of trees.jpg

It was fun making up different trees to paint. Originally there were 6, The larger red one in the center bottom I do not still have. A friend of mine's daughter saw them when I posted them on my face book and wanted that one, so I gave it to her.

old photo trees on wall.jpg

The others though, as you can see, I still have. I thought I had better shots of them hanging together, but if I do, I couldn't locate them right away and as you know, the post must go on ! ha ha

old photo trees behind candy jars.jpg

Now for the ornaments, I didn't paint these. I found them randomly on ebay last year and had to have them. I am not sure why. I just WANTED them. They are so whimsical.

fun orns 2 2.jpg

I thought they looked like they could have come from Whoville... of maybe from a Suess Christmas somewhere. Honestly I don't know, but that is the vibe they seem to give to me. :)

fun orns 3.jpg

This year as I was going through my boxes and tubs of Christmas decor, I saw them and put them out on my piano, not necessarily to stay there, but just getting them out till I could find the right place.


Well ! Neither of them have been moved since then and I kind of like them together there now.

Ok, it's the first day of my Christmas vacation, 10 days before I have to go back to the grind. LOL ! ...and guess what ! I have a full blown head cold ! What a present ! Right ? ! It's ok, I'm sure the worst of it will be over in the next day or two and I should be good to go on Christmas.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Love you !


I found this fun snowman at Dollar General last year. It is a music box and plays March of The Toy Soldiers while the wires make it's arms go up and down as if it is Marching along.

dg snowman.jpg

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They look awesome! The trees I mean :)
I like how more and more handmade decoration show up on Steemit.

@tipu curate

20.12.2019 19:37

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/25 - need recharge?)

20.12.2019 19:37

Thanks !!

20.12.2019 19:45

Thank you !

They were fun to make and they still make me smile each year as I bring them back out.

Handmade is wonderful, affordable and a great way to have something different than the norm.

Thanks for stopping over. I appreciate it. ;)

20.12.2019 19:44

I love those Christmas tree paintings you did and those ornaments are awesoem I do agree they do have such a Dr Suess feel tot hem

I wont be on much for the next week so taking this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas

21.12.2019 10:52

Thank you !

I did see you say on one of your posts that would would had lots of Christmas related fun planned and wouldn't be on that much. That's wonderful !

Merriest of Christmases to You and Yours !

21.12.2019 14:18

I always enjoy seeing your art. The colors are so happy!

22.12.2019 01:51

Thank You....

I always paint out of "happy", no gray moody arteest here !

22.12.2019 04:24

I like the tree groupings! You do such Happy Art! You always have. It's so refreshing to someone who is so happy with life!

Live you!


24.12.2019 04:52

Happy ! Happy !

LOL ! I hadn't even considered painting a lot when I made these. I was just trying to do different things to decorate with. Funny.

Why not be happy with life? If you don't find a way too be, it's practically unbearable. Who wants to spend time not happy?? Not me ! :)

Love you too !

24.12.2019 05:13

I agree! But, you know there are many that aren't!!

24.12.2019 05:20

I know and I'm sorry about that. I realize some people's natures are different and it's harder to bounce back up.

ha ha ... that must reminded me of the chumbawamba song.... I get knocked down, but I get up again, you are never gonna keep me down.

too funny

24.12.2019 05:39
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Oh ! Thank you again ! :)

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