My Kwirky Christmas Present

I've had a fun Christmas Day and I hope you have too if you celebrate it.

I went to my Mom's to enjoy a midday feast with my brother and sisters and some of their children and grandchildren.... and exchange presents.

One of my grown nieces, Miranda was there and totally surprised me with this quirky gift of tin art.


She said she had seen it in an antique store and it made her think of me, so she bought it for me.


It has two figures on a seesaw.... or teeter totter, however you prefer to call it. I grew up calling them seesaws.


It is made of tin and is obviously handmade.


I LOVE that about it.


The center is made to allow them to go up and down.


So fun !


I am very curious about it.


I wonder who made it and where.


I may never know, but it won't be because I don't try to find out.


It has no maker's mark that I have found so far and the way the base is, makes me wonder if it at some time it was part of a bigger piece. I don't quite know why, but it's just a feeling about it. Whether I ever know or not, I will still love it all the same.

Hope you've had a very happy day, however you chose to spend it.

Love you!



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I love this little whimsical piece, El! @jacey.boldart

It almost looks like a one of a kind put together piece that someone made. Of course, couldn't find anything on the internet as I am sure you looked also. What a great find, Miranda! The whole family has a touch of the art in them.

Sounds like Christmas was a wonderful gathering, as usual. Merry Christmas, my lovely!

Love to you! Mwah!

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26.12.2019 02:44

I love it too !.... and yes..... it is obviously a piece that someone hand made. I glanced on the net of course, but will spend more time on it later. Certainly whoever made it did not only make that one piece.

I know everything that is in an antique shop is not always antique, but someone at least thought it was or was trying to pass it off as such. Either way, it is a sweet piece of art.

I gave HER a smart plug....LOL.... I told her my present to her was going to look quite boring in comparison. I had no idea she had something for me, but she's single and I always try to give a little something to our singles. :) She didn't have a smart plug, so this will be her first one. I know she will love it as much as I love all of mine. Once I got one..... 4 more followed close behind. LOL ! I love tell my house what to do!

Love you back ! XOXO

26.12.2019 02:55

Haha! Yes! I am queen of the plugs! They even listen. Mostly.

Occasionally I have to repeat myself! :)

26.12.2019 03:22

Hilarious ! I almost said I was the Queen here....LOL..... but didn't and then YOU said it. Too funny !

Lovin my smart plugs !!

I get told "I don't know that one".... occasionally......LOLOLOL !!!

26.12.2019 03:33

If you use them enough, she starts to know you. I tell mine to turn off the lights and she asks, "do you want me to turn off the tree lights."

Because that isn't creepy. LOL

Pfft! I am Queen. Gotta own it. At least of the plugs.

26.12.2019 03:43

I have never had her ask me if I wanted another plug turned on or off when I asked her to do one.

She should know me pretty good by now.

I use mine every day. Two are on Christmas things and will be re-assigned later. I am waiting for the light switches now to replace the on/off flips. LOL....

26.12.2019 03:55

I love mine!! I believe the house is pretty well armed wth plugs. An Alexia or dot on each floor and an extra in rhe garage and gym and office.

Oh, what if it breaks? Yikea!

26.12.2019 04:43

Well.... I have a small house and I have an Echo our in my living area where I spend the majority of my time. I didn't have it long, before I bought a dot for my bedroom, because I was not going to yell from my dressing area into the living room when I wanted something....LOL !!! Yeah.... if I want something, I can't wait !

That has worked out good for a year. Then in November, I decided to try a plug. The day I got it and hooked it up, I went back and ordered 2 more ! Yep... I know when I like something !

During Black Friday, Amazon had some great deals. There was a dot and a plug for one price and there was and echo and a plug for another price. I ordered a set of each and got all 4 pieces, including tax for under $100. I considered it a steal. I took the plugs and set them up ! So I have an echo and a dot in a drawer.

what if one breaks indeed.

Actually I gave my younger brother and echo last year and this year I gave him a plug for hosting the Christmas party....LOL... I love giving plugs now...... and to Miranda of course today.

There's one more plug un-opened on my table.

My older sister retired and got a new computer and wifi (they have done without one for a long time).... I tried to give her an echo, but she said her hubby was "one of those' that had issue with Lexa listening.....LOL.... I told her it had an OFF button. So... she hasn't taken one ... yet .....

26.12.2019 04:54

I turn her off, but, I am not creeped out enough. I love them. Yes!! I give dots and plugs out! I love them

I bought plugs when the first came out and Alexa before they were released to the general public.

The longer you have her, the more conversations she hears. That is how she knows. We have had her for years and years!

Love them!

26.12.2019 05:57

I am not creeped out at all, but it's only me and I don't have any questionable conversations out loud to myself.


26.12.2019 06:05
It's not the questionable conversations people may/may not have. LOL It is like watching an Alfred Hitchcock film and you are the unknowing star.


26.12.2019 14:34

I've always wanted to be a star !

I don't have the visual component, but if I did and anyone saw anything unseemly, they would immediately go blind. Not what you'd want to be your last vision here on earth.

They are welcome to anything they hear. That's funny, what if in the next great movie, you heard a background clip and realized it was you? Or someone gets famous quoting you without giving you the creds.

Yes... now I can see why they would want to stalk me, I just hadn't thought it through.

ha ha

26.12.2019 14:54

LOL Yes!! The unseemly!! That is what I was worried about! Yes! You are a star and you didn't even know it. Scoops up the scraps from the cutting room floor

Yeah, those would be my moments, right there. I'm going to make a burn pile and I'm going to roast some marshmallows with the fire. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get rich over me, however, I do have my moments. :)

I didn't have to think it through. My family tells me all the time. LOL

26.12.2019 15:01

Family is funny... aren't they? Like they really expect you to go by what they say !

26.12.2019 15:15

I know, right? Family rocks it all the way. ;) Don't leave home without them.

26.12.2019 19:18
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26.12.2019 02:44

Thanks ! {{ hugs }}

26.12.2019 02:56

I found this image on a google search:
The image link goes to the image on google.

Pinterest links it to: MEXTLIMEX ... which seems to be an Etsy seller, and has a facebook page:

I don't facebook, so that was as far as I got. Maybe they could help ID the artist/maker for you.

26.12.2019 03:42

You are awesome! It brought me to Etsy, but, it had thousands and didn't look like any of these! Great catch!

26.12.2019 03:48

yeah.... the one on Etsy was sold and the things they said were similar were nowhere close.

The Mextlimex page doesn't have much and none of it is anywhere close either, but I'm sure there will be more out there.

26.12.2019 04:06

Oh Wow ! I am going to check it out !

Thanks !

26.12.2019 03:56

I'm sorry it did not have more information for you. At least you know there are similar pieces of tin art out there. Good luck on the hunt.

26.12.2019 08:49

Oh ! No worries ! I was excited to see that photo. It definitely looks the same.

I will keep hunting. Thank you for taking the time to look. :) I appreciate that.

26.12.2019 13:59

Thanks !

26.12.2019 04:10

It has a cool whimsical feel to it. I like it. I am sure you do as well.

26.12.2019 07:00

Yes.... I'm sure the whimsy of it is why she thought of me. Too fun !

26.12.2019 14:00

That is a wonderful gift for you! It reminds me of tin art that I have seen in Mexico.

26.12.2019 23:58

I thought it was a great gift for me too.

I believe you are right ! @bashadow found a photo on Pinterest that appeared to be associated with a Mexican company and a couple of photos I have found since then, not of seesaws, but of tin angels are from Oaxaca an La Paz Mexico. The heads, facial feature, bodies, legs and feet are the very same style.

27.12.2019 02:37

I remember a tin hot air balloon that I had from there. I wonder what ever happened to that. Hmmm.

27.12.2019 04:58