Looking Up.....

Recently I visited my local, small city art museum. While there I took lots of photos. All the rooms had cameras. I wondered who was watching and how many times before had they seen visitors stand in the middle of the room and take photos straight up of the chandelier.


Although I took several of the below sort, this was the best of them. Not as clear as I had hoped, but still full of happy glass and light.

20191002_113939 crpd.jpg

I liked the view, standing in one of the front gallery rooms, looking through the entrance hall and into the gallery room across from it.


I will be posting soon to show some art that I saw there. Maybe today? It's not like there are no chores to be done. ahahahahahahaha...... That's right, I was being funny, having chores to do has never stopped me from doing everything BUT chores. Today? We'll see !

I'm tagging my post with #lookingup . I think @melinda010100 had it going for a while, although I haven't noticed it lately. It could have just been done for a little while, I don't really know.

It's 10:44 A.M.... it is 64 degrees out and is supposed to get up to 84 degrees today. Sounds like a nice weather day to me! Maybe I'll play in the yard some too.

Do something fun today !

Love ya !


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Chandeliers are so great :) I love taking photos of them

13.10.2019 00:16

I'm not around that many of them that I have noticed, but they were very prominent in these rooms, so just begged to be photographed. They were much more attractive than the art that was displayed....LOLOLOL !!

13.10.2019 05:16

Years i ago i painted some that were in a couple of coffee shops i went to. They are great subjects. Other than that i don't see any anymore ; (

13.10.2019 07:32