Lock Up My Heart..... And Throw Away The Key !

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In the downtown there is a nice natural area between some of the buildings where one can stop for a rest during a shopping spree or just sit and enjoy the outdoors. In the center of that area is a large heart sculpture that was donated by Beechwood Metal Works.

heart sign and base.jpg

It was made for people to express their love for each other mostly I suppose, where you engrave a lock with your sentiments, attach it to the heart and throw away the key !

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The Metal Works also has a store next door, Owl & Rabbit (yes, the same as in my last #marketfriday post) and if you want them too, they will engrave a lock for you. You can also bring your own lock if you like.

random locks 3.jpg

I loved that idea. 😊

random locks 4.jpg

I also liked the photos that the hanging locks invited.

locks close up 2.jpg

I didn't have a profession of a loverly love to add, but since it doesn't HAVE to be that, I thought the idea might be good for other memories or memorials as well.

locks close up.jpg

So.... I decided to have one made to express my love for my older brother who left this earth way too early three years ago. He was a really awesome brother and I miss him a LOT !

lock close up.jpg

Today I went to pick up the lock and add it to the sculpture. It made me happy to lock it on. 💙

There ! It's done !

lock on heart close up.jpg

Sweet.... right ??

heart little distance 3.jpg

Locck your heart around the people you love every day and make sure they know how much you care.

Hope you all are having a very nice weekend.

Love you !


random locks.jpg

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That is a lovely post with a truly lovely sentiment. I think it is a perfect and totally awesome way to make a remembrance that way! Of course I am very sorry for your loss but am glad you still care enough to do this act.

29.09.2019 02:56

Thank you !

He will always be in my heart, no doubt. He wouldn't want me dragging out the sorrow and we have so many wonderful shared memories. The happy stuff overtakes all thoughts about him.

Of course, now I am thinking maybe one for my Dad..... and my Grandparents..... and.... who knows, maybe even some for those that are still here !

29.09.2019 03:03

I think that is a wonderful idea. Knowing it was a special and private moment for you are surprised at the feeling of happiness that came over you by clicking the love lock in place.

29.09.2019 02:57

Thank you !

I've been wanting to do this since I first saw the heart sculpture was there a couple of months ago. I just finally took action ! It WAS a fun feeling, locking it on.

29.09.2019 03:06

Thanks !

29.09.2019 03:56

A perfect remembrance of love. I really like that giant heart and can imagine how great it will look when it has begun to fill up with locks. I am so glad you added that Memorial lock for your brother. You make me wish that there was something like that here where I could add one for my brother.

29.09.2019 03:53

Thanks !

The first time I was aware of the heart, it reminded me of a story I saw of the locks on a bridge in Paris. Tourists would put locks on to express... whatever..... and then throw the keys in the river ! Eventually it got so heavy that parts of the bridge's sides were breaking.

I thought it was a wonderful idea myself and I hope to see it as it fills up as well.

29.09.2019 04:06

My lock got taken away on the Pont des Arts pedestrian bridge in Paris in 2015.

Le sigh.

I think that David would be touched to know that you put that lock up, well, of course he was watching you do it. I vividly remember the guy that made Christmas lights shine more brightly and how he loved the holidays. Maybe even more than you. Is that at all possible? I am so glad you did this and if I get down there, I will add mine there too. I still have one in NYC. I have always loved the sentiment and you have totally brought that to another level.

There can never be a love so clear and dear to my heart than my sibling, who know me, the good, the bad and the ugly and still love me. Through thick and think and everything in between.

Love to you, El. There just isn't enough of that good stuff in this world.

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29.09.2019 04:54

Yes... .I read they took the locks off.... 700,000 !

Of course he was watching ! Oh yes... he could light up a holiday in every kind of way. I'm not sure MORE than me, but maybe just as much ?!? I just liked that there was something I could do to still express my love and adoration and it made me quite happy to do it.

The love of siblings is wonderful and if you are lucky enough to get that love unconditionally, so much the better.

Luv ya back !... and thanks ! I knew you would like this. :)

29.09.2019 05:01

You couldn't have been more right if your tried. Thank you. It was such a feel-good piece.

And I am sure I heard David approving.

I am luck to have some amazing siblings. They know you way back before you became that other person. ;) And still love you.

Thanks, El.

Oh!! Did you win? Just checking to see if my upvote was about to get bigger!!!!

29.09.2019 05:09
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29.09.2019 04:54

ThankYaThankYaThankYa.... :)

29.09.2019 05:02

Oh, it is always a pleasure!

29.09.2019 05:30

Oh, I love the sculpture and the idea behind it. I also love your touching addition. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

29.09.2019 05:25

Thank you !

I keep thinking up more reasons to do more locks. It seems like a neat idea for multiple reasons to me.

I love things that are different and fun.

29.09.2019 06:02

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29.09.2019 07:31

Thank you ! I appreciate this very much.💖

29.09.2019 14:22

What a cool idea for both art and ways for people to express their love, I think its far cooler to have something like this than putting locks on bridges
Sorry for your loss and what a lovely way to show your love for him

29.09.2019 12:19

Thank you .....and I thought you would like it.

I guess as strong as you would think a bridge is, if you were putting a lock on it, you may not be thinking about the possibility that a LOT of locks might weight it down, Of course I can't say if the bridge sparked the idea in the creators of this, but at least this was made for it, so "shouldn't" crumble when full.

I hope telling of my brother didn't make it seem sad in any way, because there was no sadness for me to carry out this fun idea.

29.09.2019 14:15

I noticed on Brooklyn Bridge recently many signs saying no locks and that is a safety thing, I think hearts like these should be installed all around the world
Bridges may have sparked the idea I know there are a few of them around the world

No I didnt see it as sad but as a sweet and loving gesture Posted with

29.09.2019 19:17

What a awesome idea and how sweet of you to do that sorry that he was taken away so young but he will always be in your heart 💖 ❤️ 💖

02.10.2019 10:44

Thanks !

Yes.... he will always be in my heart !..... and now he will be ON one...

It's fun to find little ways to still acknowledge those who have gone ahead.

02.10.2019 12:51

It is a brilliant idea i hope it catches on in other countries every time you walk pass that beautiful big heart you can say hi to him knowing he is there 💖

03.10.2019 04:20