Let's Go To Owl & Rabbit..... It's Market Friday Ya Know....

blue white phoenix.jpg

Last Christmas, my cousin gave me a bright red metal Cardinal to go in my yard, because she knows I am Gaa Gaa for artsy yard things. Somehow, I don't have a photo of it for my post. Wha??? I thought I took some in December, but maybe I thought they weren't good and deleted them....LOL ! Who knows now, but it is currently in my front yard flying through a natural area. It is dark outside however and I'm not taking a flashlight out there to take a picture for this post.

It was made by a small local company called Beechwood Metal Works. They make nice yard things like you are about to see and they also do large installations for museums and children's hospitals and etc.

The Owl and Rabbit store is where they sell some of their fun yard art, along with other assorted artsy things. I LIKED them on facebook back when my cousin gave me the cardinal, but until last Friday (a week ago) I had never been to the store. I had taken the day off and decided that would be my prize to myself after I was a good girl at the dentist. 😄

So off I went !

Crossing the corner I could see this carousel rabbit in their side window.


They are in a cute corner shop in the old downtown area.


Yay !! They are open ! ok, ok, I already checked and knew they were.


A glance in the window right before I got to the door.


I'm finally here !


On Friday when I went, this centipede held the door for me. Wasn't that nice??


The next time I went (yes, I have already been back on Wednesday when I was out for my Wednesday walk).... This gnome was watching from the inside. I believe the centipede was trying to tell me to watch out because the gnome is a prankster.


Below is a sample of some of the fun yard items they have. Flowers and Butterflies, Chameleons and Bees.... of various colors.

💙 💙 💙
blue mostly butterfly.jpg
💜 💜 💜

I bought this bee on the purple flower for my sister. We love bees and I always get her bee things.

bee on purple flower.jpg

Don't have a green thumb? Then buy some flowers that never die ! Put them right out in your flower bed. Nobody will be able to tell they are not real from the road. ha ha

💚 💜 💜
flower bunches.jpg
💜 💜 💜
flower bunch blue close up.jpg
💛 💛 💛
butterup .jpg
💙 💙 💙
butterfly purple yellow.jpg
💜 💜 💜
daisy no price tag.jpg
💚 💚 💚
iris purple.jpg
💛 💛 💛
butterfly swallow tail.jpg
💗 💗 💗
💙 💙 💙
iris pink.jpg
💙 💙 💙
daisy purple.jpg
💜 💜 💜

This rainbow dragonfly followed me home on Wednesday..... so I had to keep it.

dragonfly mine 2.jpg
💚 💚 💚

bee on daisy.jpg

So.... if this looks like it is on my porch right now, that's because it is. This one I got on the first store visit. It is on a curved green branch.

my chameleon on porch.jpg

From the first day I saw it, I thought this Phoenix would be coming home with me before the spending is over, but the more and more I have looked at my photos, I believe the white/purple/blue Phoenix in my first photo might be the one instead. I believe it would show up famously between some of next summer's foliage.

phoenix mine.jpg

Now these aren't exactly cheap, but you have to know, that these folks paint them and then bake the paint on like the paint that is on your car, so they should (and do from what I have seen), hold their color and finish for years if you don't bang them up !

I hope you enjoyed my post. I created it for #marketfriday hosted by the most famous @dswigle. 😈

I would say YAY !! IT'S THE WEEKEND !! ...but I still have a mandatory 5 Saturday hours in the morning. I'll try not to talk about it further, since I don't want my post down-voted for excessive cursing. LOLOLOLOL !!!

Hope you are all doing well.

Love ya ! Mean it !

Jaceybutterfly end 2.jpg

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I really liked the Yellow cut-out Long tailed butterfly. Yard art sure has progressed well beyond the 70's Pink Flamingo lawn ornament. !BEER The garden gnomes now they have staying power, I remember them also from the 70's, and even though I did not see one in your store, cement Turtles and Frogs still abound up here in Alaskan yards, and yes even the lonely pink Flamingo is slowly coming back into yards up here.

28.09.2019 03:13

Hi !

I thought the swallowtail butterfly was very nice too, a little different from the others.

There is a small pair of pink flamingos at the back of my yard in a low place the becomes a temporary mini pond when it storms. I put them there as a joke, but somehow they stayed.

I have never owned a gnome..... yet..... 😉 One can never tell what might show up here next !

I also like the cement characters. I see neat ones on the net, but haven't found anywhere very local that has fun ones. I have a great cement moon stepping stone, that you wouldn't step on. LOL !

28.09.2019 18:30

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @jacey.boldart, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

28.09.2019 03:13

Oh ! Thanks ! I'm going to save it till after 5 o'clock before I drink it. ha ha

I hope I don't get steemtipsy !

28.09.2019 18:28

Yeah a lot of cool stuff there you could thrown in your garden and make it look like a jungle...lol 👍

28.09.2019 12:08

I'm planning to make my back deck a jungle ! Of course most of that may not happen till the spring, but I'm already gathering stuff in it seems. 🙂

28.09.2019 18:32

That would be awesome and hopefully we will see a post on it in the near future 👍

01.10.2019 09:53

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28.09.2019 18:01

Thank you !! 💛

28.09.2019 18:33

Hello @jacey.boldart, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

01.10.2019 17:03

Hi !

Thank you SO much ! I really appreciate it.

01.10.2019 22:06

Oh, boo-hoo!!! You know I haven't had any internet since Saturday??? So, I am sooo behind in checking out the #MarketFriday posts!

I am sitting in Starbucks, latte in hand perusing them. And then Putting together one for tonight! Oi!

Oh, there is nothing like a little painted metal to make my day! LOL Although, the thoughts of those beautiful butterflies and flowers really put a smile on my face!!

MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and Steemed


03.10.2019 18:56

Horrors ! No internet for days ! You have my deepest sympathies !

Wow.... but thank goodness for Starbucks and lattes !

Thank ya !

Now, this will make you feel better, at least you didn't get bit by a fire ant while you were sitting at your computer. OMG !!

Why has your internet been out so long?

03.10.2019 23:44

I have Xfinity and they changed a part in the underground (better!) cable and broke the neighborhood... and it has taken Ike and Mike since Saturday to figure it out.

And yet it is still not fixed. :(

03.10.2019 23:54

LOL@ broke the neighborhood.

Ugh ! So sorry !

04.10.2019 00:03

I know, right!!! ??

04.10.2019 02:47