It's Wednesday ! Let's Take A Walk !


Today I trekked out for my #wednesdaywalk tag hosted by @tattoodjay.

Originally I was going for photos of the old courthouse. I was also going to walk around the old square to find whatever outside art was there. By the time I got home, the walk became about the art instead of the courthouse. I'll show you the courthouse later.

statue silhouette sunburst.jpg

Love always wins..... I'm not sure about that, but I wish it would.

love always wins.jpg

I love fun outside tables with umbrellas, don't you?

sidewalk tables.jpg

The old timey soda shop. Maybe we'll go in there one day and see what all they have .

graham soda shop.jpg

A corner installation..... ha ha.... well... kinda sorta.

bycicle on the corner.jpg

I'm not sure what this was all about, but the little mobile homes were cute and I'd like to have one of those old gliders.

little trailers on the corner.jpg

Interesting..... maybe.

little trailers 2.jpg

Then there was this Love Graham art sign. The colors had caught my eye from across the street so I went over to check it out. Now THAT is a happy sign.

love graham.jpg

I believe some children must have helped with this one.

we belong here.jpg

Time out for a flower......


This one was really nice in the real. The only bad thing was the sidewalk tree that was right in front of the sunflower center, made it impossible to get a direct shot of the entire mural.

sunflower wall.jpg

It was so colorful though and fun to be close too.

sunflower wall closer.jpg

Always be cool.....

beetles and slogan.jpg

.... and BEE nice..... I put the "nice" in, so don't BEE looking for it.

bee over door.jpg

Even the trash and recycle bin covers were pretty artsy.

trash recycle recepticles.jpg

There was an arts and crafts consignment store there that I wanted to shop in and share, but after only a few photos, the clerk, who may or may not be the owner, spoke across the store and said the "the artisans do not like photos taken of their merchandise", so ... well..... there were other customers in the store and once she said that from across the store, everyone turned to stare....... so I said ok and quickly excited. ha.... I believe it would have been a little more customer friendly if it had been handled a bit more discreetly, but alas, there it is.

I had already taken a photo of these fun driftwood and glass chimes, one of which I would have purchased. They were very pretty hanging all together in the store's front window.

glass chimes in window.jpg

There you have it, art from around the square.

I hope you have all had a very happy day.

Luv Ya !

## Jacey

love heart only.jpg

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You got some real cool shot son your walk, love all the art and murals so colorful and fun

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


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09.10.2019 23:45

I hadn't walked around down there for a very long time. Had no idea what I would find.

10.10.2019 00:07

isnt it always cool when you find new things when you revisit a spot you havent been to for a while :) Posted with

10.10.2019 00:15

Yes.... I took all the Wednesdays off in October, I'm sure I have said that before. Fortunately, even though too hot the previous couple of weeks, the weather has allowed me to go out and explore and take tons of photos. Both the downtown where I live and the next one over are trying to turn themselves into the happening places to be, so there are a few more interesting places in both now, than there has been in quite a number of years..

It has been fun to figure out where I am going next and then finding these fun things.

10.10.2019 00:27

I was going to telecommute take off today but then things came up, but it was such a wet day it was good to be in the officeso I will take friday this week

Keep exploring and having fun Posted with

10.10.2019 01:18

I really like that sign and the lil girl painting that!! Awesome post!

10.10.2019 02:56

I saw the sign from a distance, but did not see the little girl standing on books to paint it till I got right in front of it. With the cars parking in front of it, that part is easy to miss.

13.10.2019 05:21

I think love does always the end. I have the freedom here to put in that never-ending statement "If not, then it's not the end." ;)

10.10.2019 04:28

I suppose that is something to contemplate. :)

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