It's Walk Wednesday ! .... Again !

It's Wednesday ! It sunny !..... and the temps are in the upper 60s. That is just begging for a walk.... don't you think? So off I went around my yard and the neighbors field to see what I could find.

I just love sunbursts ! The first few I ever had were happy accidents, but since then I try to catch them.

sunburst 95.jpg

....and since it IS fall, then there needs to be a leaf or two. Most of our leaves have not fallen yet, but the early ones are mostly brown now.

yellow and br3.jpg

So... .this will be a photo post of sorts, with not too many words (I think....LOL !! )

My porch !

front porch.jpg

Some gourd houses behind my Uncle's shop.

Gourd houses.jpg

A cut out arch through the trees at the back of the field. I don't go back here a lot, but I never noticed it before.

walk through.jpg

Some trees down the other side of the archway.

trees down back road.jpg

I liked the hint of color among some already brown leaves.

yellow and brown duplicate maybe.jpg

A small wind spinner in the inside corner of my carport.

windspinner in carport.jpg

Colorful leafy shrub.

foliage pretty.jpg

A few flowers in the back porch box.

flowers back porch box.jpg

...and some spinners at my back fence.

spinners back yard.jpg

Another :)

another leaf.jpg

I had SO many photos I couldn't even use them all. BUT.... since I love the sunbursts, I'm posting another !

sunburst 5.jpg

Beautious.... right ? I had a dozen I guess, so you will see more later.

I started my day with a root canal ! yay ! right? I know it sounds terrible, but my dentist is the best and it wasn't a bad experience. My tooth was broken and I wasn't sure there would be a way to fix it, so I was happy that something could be done.

I spent the rest of the day taking photos and editing and enjoying the outside on this glorious day.

I hope your day has been a good one too.

Luv ya !


brid head for bottom of post.jpg

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What a really cool selection of shots you got on your walk, love the couple of shots with the sunflare, and some cool things you saw

Thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

24.10.2019 00:15

Thanks !

When I came in I had 166 photos ! Of course I take more than one of everything to try to make sure at least a few are presentable. Sometimes, like this time, I had so many I didn't know what to post ! ha ha..... I could have made this a MILE long !

It was fun !

24.10.2019 00:21

I can relate on my walks today I took close to 700 Photos, of course many of them are three shot bracketed shots, but I do the same multiple shots from multiple angles never to many and always fun :) Posted with

24.10.2019 00:56

700 ! and I thought ....I..... .was out of hand. LOL

24.10.2019 22:38

LOL well I did walk over 10 Miles that day LOL

and many were HDR shots so you can divide that by three for shots that I may edit :) Posted with

24.10.2019 23:00

Sure was a sunny beautiful day. Love the sunbursts and those spinners! You need to get you a Crookes radiometer. It is a spinner but runs off of sunshine :D They are cheap as well. Win win!

25.10.2019 15:40

Never heard of em...... but I will be looking now.

It WAS a beautiful day !

Thanks !

25.10.2019 22:34