It's Caturday ! ...... And Another 20 Minute Painting :)

O.... to the MG ! ...but you know the rules, 20 minutes, start to finish (or not finish !) .....and post, good bad or ugly.

It's ok to laugh, I did and I STILL am !

He's either a little mad and one ear is partially cocked, or he had a hard birth. Poor fella !


He almost had some potential for an abstract cat. Did I ever tell you 20 minutes is not long enough for a cat body? LOL... well now you know.


If only I had a little more time ! An unfinished cat symphony... (or cat-astropy !) hee hee

..... unless he has a cat sweater on ??? snicker

Ok.... if that really didn't make you laugh, maybe this will. I had seen some google eye things and wanted to make some, but before I read all the rules that it should not be eye-over-eye, I did some eye-over-eyes. I thought they were all funny and here they are on Junkyard Kitty. :)


I hope you've all had a wonderful Saturday, I know I have !

Luv ya !




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There's a Caterday ??
IMG_0159 (4).JPG
Why wasn't it told this ??
LOL junkyard kitty is awesome as well as a bit !DERANGED

10.11.2019 02:55

Yes ! Spelled like Saturday, but with a C instead of an S. There are frequently quite a few posts for it I think, or the use to be. :)

That's some crazy zigzagging going on in that cat's eyes for real !

Junkyard Kitty has always been a bit deranged for sure.

10.11.2019 05:01

Deranged coin must be down.

10.11.2019 05:08

LOL !! Always something going on !

10.11.2019 05:10

deranged You just received DERANGED @jacey.boldart Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

10.11.2019 10:25

Thank you ! :)

10.11.2019 15:36

This looks just like my cat, well done for a time limit too!

10.11.2019 11:54

Thank you !

It made me laugh when I read that you said it looks just like your cat. :)

It was fun to do.

10.11.2019 15:35

Haha! I was just thinking that it must be time for another 20 min painting from you! I think he has a very satisfied cat smirk on his face and he makes me smile!

10.11.2019 18:46

His head's not too awful even being unfinished....well... except for his ears.... :)

He is kind of funny. I don't have any talent painting animals or people to begin with..... and then 20 minutes ?? !!

He is funny and once I said maybe he had a cat sweater on too, then his body did remind me of those knit sweaters made out of that yarn that has multiple colors in the same skein. yeah... .that's it. LOL

10.11.2019 19:05

He is darling! 🐱

10.11.2019 20:43

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10.11.2019 22:28

Thank you !

10.11.2019 22:46

It's still a fun painting. The face is pretty good even if you didn't get a chance to finish the body to your liking.

Happy Caturday!

!CATtip 25

11.11.2019 04:06

Thank you !

It was fun to do. It's always crazy in the last few minutes, trying to fill in before the time is up.

That's what happens when I don't really have a plan. Never know what will come out.

11.11.2019 10:59

@saboin is sending you a tip of 25CAT

11.11.2019 04:07

Thank you, I think that's my first. :)

11.11.2019 10:57

Chic painted cat.))) She is the best.!)

11.11.2019 21:17

LOL... thanks ! She's as good as she could be in 20 minutes. :)

11.11.2019 23:22